How to Optimize Android RAM the Simpler Way

How to optimize Android RAM? – This question always comes when you find your phone is running so slow you would think you are better off without it. When your phone is running out of RAM, it can cause problems it being slow is only one of them.

To be fair, newer phone has been equipped with a system that allows it to manage its memory so problems with RAM are rarely encountered with them. But older one may still face this persistent matter.

How to optimize Android RAM?

So, How to Optimize Android RAM?

Your question of how to optimize Android RAM can be answered by first looking at what RAM actually is. Simply put, RAM is what your phone is using the moment it’s working. For example, when you are using an app on your phone, the app is temporarily stored in the RAM. Once you’re done, the app is then restored to the storage.

Because of this function, larger RAM will make it possible for you to multitask much smoother as there will be more apps your phone can run all at the same time. Smart as it may seem, there is a catch to this method: RAM isn’t always properly emptied when you’re done using an app and the app itself may not behave all the time.

Some apps and some system processes keep on running while some others don’t properly clean up their stuff once closed. Over time, the buildup will lead to odd crash, lagging and stuttering, and slow performance to name a few. Sadly, there’s still no means of adding more physical RAM.

One of the most sought-after Android Secret Tips would be how you can conserve the RAM. Since you cannot stick more RAM onto your device, the only way to go is to use what you have efficiently.

Both live wallpapers and widgets use up RAM more greedily. In addition, the juice on your battery will run out much faster. So, you should limit these apps.

The next in the list of “how to optimize Android RAM” would be that you can also manually close an app or just uninstall it altogether. But be very careful so as not to accidentally close or uninstall apps that your phone requires to work properly.

Some phones come with a UI that makes it possible for you to view the RAM usage the device currently uses. You can open the setting section, see the memory page, and observe which of the apps currently running that hogs up all the memory. Kill that app to free up some memory and your phone should be good to run faster immediately after.

Another part of the Best Tips for Android to reduce RAM usage is to disable animations. Animations are pretty inessential in the way your phone’s system works and they use up RAM quite significantly. You can try to disable them and stop them from stealing the RAM but it may require you getting onto the Developer Options. Opening these options, mind you, will not do any harm to your phone.

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