How to Speed Up Android?

How to Speed Up Android? – As time goes by, the performance of Android smartphones can be lower and lower. There will be a big question on your head, if you are a user of an Android phone, that is How can I speed up my Android phone? Won’t it? Don’t worry. Down below, there are tips to speed up Android phones just for you.

How to Speed Up Android?

Don’t Get Frustrated Because of Your Phone’s Performance

Waiting would be a tiresome activity even only for opening an application on a smartphone. If you ever experienced it, it means that your phone’s performance is getting low.

Having slow phones would get you frustrated, wouldn’t you? What comes out on your mind is buying the new one. Are you going to buy a new one? Don’t get a hurry.

Lay back on your seat because you can lean on this article to tell you how to speed up Android phones. Ready?

Are the applications Slow?

Here the tips to speed up an android application

1. Check your cached data

Caching small pieces of data usually can add the performance of your phones. But what if these small pieces of data become huge data due to the addition of data day by day? It will make troubles to your phones, especially for their performance. They will become slower and slower. All you have to do is checking the cached data, which may use a huge amount of storage. How to clean this kind of data?Go to Setting

  • Tap Storage
  • Click Cached data
  • Select Clean and click Ok

Now, your phones can be faster to go.

2. Remove unused application

Downloading applications on a smartphone is like a blink of eyes if your phone performs a reasonable speed. But how about on the other way around? Relax. Now, take your phone and figure out the applications that not often used. These unused applications can slow your phones. How to do it fast? Here the tips.

  • Navigate to Setting
  • Find the Apps features
  • Select an application
  • Tap uninstall to remove it
  • Click OK
  • is now confirmed deleted

If you have several unused applications, repeat the steps to your unwanted applications to speed up Android phones.

3. Chrome is crucial

As everybody knows that Chrome is a part of Google that usually integrated into Android smartphones. You can connect to the world on the internet through this application. Having this application slow will make you upset, won’t you? Make it faster. There are several steps. Let’s start it.

  • Go to Chrome browser
  • There will be an overflow menu in the upper right corner. Tap it
  • Click Setting if you find it
  • Choose Data Saver
  • Toggle to switch

Now, you are ready to use your Chrome faster.

The tips will be useful for your Android phones that are getting slow. Don’t spend your money to buy a new one. Just apply the tips to speed it up.

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