Latest iPhones Review

The Latest iPhones Review? – iPhone was founded by Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs, and Ronald Wayne in 1976 as a personal computer pioneer.To spread the wings of their company, Apple started to introduce its phone products in 2007.

The iPhone was in the smartphone markets for the first time. Many reviews talked about it, and it crawled to the top until this year.

The latest iPhones review

What Do iPhones Offer To The Market?

It was a fundamental question of the launch of the iPhone in 2007. Did it serve better technology than other products such as Android phones and Windows phones?

Apple answered it by launching its operating system called iOS. By using its OS, iPhone made public curious about the product. And it makes the series of iPhone becoming one of the best phones ever.

Since that year, Apple never stops producing better quality technology on iPhones. So, what are the best iPhones 2019? Here it is. The answer to the question that may make you glad.

Gaming Phone is Now The Focus

Although until August 2019, Apple has not launched the new iPhone, the fans of this product are still patient to wait. The fans that are now mostly gamers wait for the next technology brought by the next generation of iPhone. Technology for gaming is now the Focus of techno-companies as well as Apple.

1. iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max

These two phones are known as the powerful hand-held consoles. Provided by many features such as 4GB Ram and iOS 12 as the operating system, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max are the options for gamers. As we know that the online players need an internet fast-connected devices to keep them playing the games online, users of both phones do not need to worry about the speed of this phone to connect the internet.

Moreover, it has the A12 Bionic Processor as access to the best games ecosystem. To capture the moment, Apple provides these phones with a 12MP rear camera while the front camera is 7MP. For iPhone XS Max, the screen is larger than iPhone XS. Its screen is 6.5 inches.

2. Latest iPhone model

This latest iPhone model launched on October 26, 2018. It is an iPhone XR which offers excellent performance, especially for gaming. It is powered by Hexa-Core Apple A12 Bionic Processor that helps gamers ease to play online games. It applies iOs 12 as its operating system. The screen is 6.10 inches with 828×1792 pixels which serve real visual of images.

What’s interesting is the new dual SIM technology that is only found on this phone. The ability to update its software timely is a plus one. To pamper gaming users, iPhone XR completed with a fantastic battery life, which can be long-lasting.

How about the latest iPhone review above? Interesting, isn’t it? Do you agree that those phones are the best iPhone 2019?

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