samsung galaxy s10 review

Samsung Galaxy S10 – is the Coolest New Gadgets that is in an awkward position. However, that does not mean this smartphone cannot be an attractive product. A great specification, Exynos 9820 SoC is also the kitchen runway of this smartphone.

This new SoC carries the fabrication or production process of 8 nm, and has been equipped with AI capabilities supported by the new NPU unit. Its performance is promised to be the highest among all Samsung smartphones that have been circulating on the market to date, but certainly the same as the Galaxy S10 + and Galaxy S10e that carry the same SoC.

Samsung Galaxy S10

For matters of RAM and storage, there will only be 1 option for S10. Samsung only provides variants with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. This specification is actually already quite interesting, because it is similar to the lower variant of the previous Note 9.

Also, don’t forget that all Samsung Galaxy S10 variants will be able to use MicroSD up to 512GB.Screen matters, Samsung certainly always provides the best for their flagship products, including for the Galaxy S10. This smartphone, just like the Galaxy S10 +, also comes with an Innovative Infinity Design screen, curved Dynamic AMOLED with brightness up to 1200 nits. A combination of specifications that currently only belongs to Samsung.

The Latest Gadget News brings the specification for cameras, in terms of specifications, the most significant increase in the Samsung Galaxy S10 line is the availability of a 123 ° UltraWide camera. Cameras with 16MP sensors are available in all three types of Galaxy S10.

For Samsung Galaxy S10, there is only 1 selfie camera available. This new selfie camera is also equipped with dual-pixel autofocus. Video recording remains the main focus on the Galaxy S10 series. The main camera can now record with 4K HDR10 + resolution.

Meanwhile, the selfie camera can still record up to 4K resolution. This makes the Galaxy S10 range have video recording capabilities with the highest specifications in early 2019. For slowmotion, the Galaxy S10 range is now capable of recording from 0.4 to 0.8 seconds. This makes the video duration can reach 2x times compared to the previous Galaxy S9 series.

The Galaxy S10 line of cameras is equipped with artistic light focus. This feature makes the ability to distinguish objects from the background is not only for bokeh. Available color point bokeh or background with different color objects, spin bokeh or bokeh appear to rotate, and zoom bokeh or bokeh looks like the zooming effect. The position of the camera which is generally referred to as the punch hole design, the hole in the middle of the screen, does make the Galaxy S10 look present.

Samsung Galaxy S10 has 1 selfie camera that makes it look like there is a hole in the top corner of the screen. This gadget from Samsung also offering the others features for supporting this gadget in being a great and cool gadget for the next generation of smartphone too.

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