Best Deal on iPhone 8

Best Deal on iPhone 8 – Recently Apple has released some brand new models of iPhone.

IPhone 8 becomes one of Apple latest release products that has attracted lots of users. The preorders for iPhone 8 has begun since last year followed by the shipping.

Since the release date, many people have started to look for the best deal on iPhone 8.

The price for the iPhone 8 varies depending on the storage space capacity. There are two variants of iPhone 8; the 8 and the 8 plus.

Best Deal on iPhone 8

How much is iPhone 8?

Best Deal on iPhone 8
iPhone 8+ and iPhone 8 Models

The Apple iPhone 8 plus costs around $690 with 64 GB storage. Meanwhile the price for the iPhone 8 with the same storage capacity starts from $990.

Both models are available in three different colors; gold, space gray, and red. The iPhone 8 has a lightweight design. So, what’s new about it? Its weight is only 174 gram.

As it is not so heavy, you can hold it comfortable. Furthermore, the iPhone 8 uses a special processor or Graphics Processing Unit in which it has 3 Core graphic that can perform faster than A10 Fusion used in iPhone 7. Last but not least the iPhone 8 supports wireless charging.

iPhone 8 Competitors

The iPhone 8 has so many competitors and these competitors can be some alternatives of the iPhone 8.

So, what is the best iPhone 8 alternative? There are so many options. For example, you can think about the iPhone x which was released almost as the same time as iPhone 8.

This new iPhone line is considered as one of the alternatives of iPhone x because the two models have almost similar features such as a similar GPU, Face ID, chipset, etc.

However, since the iPhone x is much cheaper, many people prefer to buy it. The alternatives can come from other brands, too. Samsung, for example, has its new Galaxy Note 8 as one of the Samsung latest release products.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Spesifications

Best Deal on iPhone 8
Samsung Galaxy Note 8

It has a wide 6.3-inch screen. Similar to the iPhone x, Samsung new Galaxy note comes with bezel-less design with beautiful curves around the edges.

The Snapdragon chip is as sophisticated as the A11 bionic chip in the iPhone 8. The smartphone can also handle multitasking performance very well.

What about the camera? It has a major 12 MP camera with an outstanding low-light performance.

Galaxy Note 8 official website

Moreover, as the phone is very popular, it is also easy to look for its accessories. Talking about the accessories, you can also find the best iPhone 8 accessories in many stores.

Many people consider that iPhone 8 is really worth buying. At least with sophisticated design and technology that it has, the price is not as expensive the iPhone x.

No wonder if people are more interested in buying the iPhone 8 instead of iPhone x.

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The price of iPhone x seems to be not affordable for some people. The more reasonable price seems to be one of the main causes to buy this eclectic designed phone.

There are lots of websites that can help you compare deals from lots of reputable stores.