Samsung Galaxy Fold

Galaxy Fold will be Released Soon – Samsung always commit to create new innovative products for the next generation with advance technologies that help users do things they can’t do at the moment.

Soon before the year ends, Samsung will release the improved version of Galaxy Fold. The product itself actually has been announced in the beginning of the year.

Samsung then evaluated the product and made some improvement for consumers’ satisfaction.

As a result, the new Galaxy Fold will be available on September this year. So, what’s new on this improved version? The improvements are made to both the design and construction.

Galaxy Fold Will be Released Soon!

The Updated Performance of Galaxy Fold

Samsung Galaxy Fold will have an extended protected layer covering the bezel area. There are also new protection caps added to brace the area on the top and bottom of the hinge.

Furthermore, the protection of the display is enhanced with additional layers of underneath.

Moreover, there will be less space between the body and the hinge of the device. Although the improvements focus on the design and construction, Samsung also make other improvements dealing with application and services optimization.

According to Samsung, consumers can buy this Samsung latest release foldable phone in select markets starting from September. However, details about the sale have not been available yet.

Perhaps, the information about the launch will be shared in the end of the month. At the moment, Samsung is still performing the final test of the product.

Samsung Latest Release Date for the Fold

Just to remind you about the novel design of Samsung Galaxy Fold, it has a secondary 4.6-inc display but it can open up like a book to a 7.3-inch tablet.

There are 6 cameras owned by the Fold. Like the Galaxy S10, the Fold has triple-camera setup on the back. Besides, it has 10 MP front camera.

Additionally, there is an 8 MP depth camera and a selfie camera that can be operated in tablet form. Overall Galaxy Fold has 6 cameras. The number of the cameras makes it costs quite expensive.

The price is almost $2000. However, there was an issue about the screen and durability. That’s why improvements are made to reinforce the display protection.

There is a rumor that Galaxy Fold won’t be the only foldable phone released by Samsung. There will be two more Samsung foldable phones developed by the company. It seems that foldable smartphone will be in trend.

Other companies have confirmed that they will launch foldable phones as well. Among the companies are Huawei, Motorola, Xiaomi and TLC. It is predicted that in the next five years, more companies will produce foldable phones.

Apple as the rival company is also said to join the race. Following the release of foldable phones from Samsung and Huawei, Apple plans to create a folding iPhone with different approaches. Right now the design is still being patented.

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It is still not known when foldable iPhone is going to be made. Before it happens, you can expect to see the iPhone 11 although the Apple latest release date for the new iPhone is still unclear either.