Vivo has released their first smart watch in 2020. The company is predicted to prepare a new generation of Vivo Watch. According to the rumors, the new Vivo Watch will come with a few new features you cannot find on the latest version. Some people may use a smart watch to find information about time, rely on health features, and monitor notifications from smartphones.

However, there are also many people who want to leave their smartphones and prefer doing sports outside the house without missing notifications of messages and calls. The last category is the most probable option planned by Vivo. Based on the rumors, the company is preparing Vivo Watch 2 with eSIM support. It allows the users to be able to make and receive calls without requiring to stay connected to their smartphones.

Besides eSIM, there is also a souce claiming that Vivo Watch 2 will have supports to more apps. Quoted by a trusted source, Vivo Watch will come in 24 mm and 46 mm. The device carries an AMOLED screen sized 1.19 inches and 1.39 inches depending on the model.

Smart watch also supports up to 11 modes of sports, heart rate measurement, blood oxygen monitoring, built-in virtual assistant, and NFC.

The 42 mm model has a battery life of 9 days whereas the 46 mm version has a battery life of 18 days. It is interesting enough if the company increase the battery capacity so that the usage duration of Vivo Watch 2 can last longer compared to the previous generation.

Another feature you can find in the first generation is GPS, built-in storage, and certification of water resistant up to 5 ATM.

When it was launched in September 2020, the price of Vivo Watch was about 1,299 yuan. eSIM support usually can make the price tag much more expensive compared to the standard variant. Even so, it is still unknown whether the company will price it with a quite high difference on the Vivo Watch 2 or not. It is also possible that Vivo will provide 2 versions of connectivity on Vivo Watch 2.

Advantages of Vivo Smart Watch

Today, there are many people who want to have a smart watch. Vivo Watch comes to meet people’s needs. Vivo Watch has a few advantages. First, it comes in 2 dimensions so that you can choose and buy one that fits your desire. Besides that, Vivo Watch also comes with a stylish design. You can see it from its AMOLED panel and cool color. For the personalization, Vivo also prepares their smart watch with different watch faces you can choose based on your desire so that they look different from one to another.

When it comes to body material, it is made from stainless steel, claimed to be stronger than aluminum. The screen bezel is made from precise ceramic. The features are also complete. There are 6 different sensors including blood oxygen sensor, GPS, ambient light sensor, geomagnetic sensor, air pressure, and accelerometer. The first sensor is crucial enough and deserves to be the selling point of this device.