SafeLink Phones

Today Gadget now tells here “What are SafeLink Phones”. SafeLink Phones can be defined as a lifeline supported service. It is a government benefit program. Here, only eligible consumers can enroll in Lifeline. For your information, Lifeline service means non-transferrable & limited to one per household. It may require documentation of program participation or income for enrollment. It is important to know that SafeLink is provided by a company named TracFone Wireless Inc.

What are SafeLink Phones

Phones that are activated on the network of SafeLink are subject to the terms & conditions of SafeLink found on their official site on the phones page footer. SafeLink reserves the right to cancel or reject orders that relate to calling plans/services that it offers at the sole discretion. SafeLink is the TracFone Wireless Inc.’s registered trademark. All other trade names, service marks, and trademarks referenced in this site are the respective owner’s property.

You will need to have a 4G LTE capable device & 4G LTE SIM to get 4G LTE speed. Actual availability, speed, and coverage can vary. LTE is the ETSI’s trademark.

What Type of Phones Does SafeLink Give?

SafeLink Wireless Phone customers are issued phones through the Tracfone Wireless prepaid cell phone company. Based on the site of SafeLink Wireless, Tracfone offers nationwide coverage. Besides that, their signals are carried on over 30 towers of major cell phone companies across the state/country.

Does SafeLink Give Free Smartphones?

SafeLink offers free cell phones and free smartphones to its customers. The phones are mostly from LG, Nokia, Motorola & Kyocera brands. SafeLink company decides on what phone to give to its customers. So, the customers don’t choose their favorite phones during this process.

Can I Put My SafeLink SIM Card in Another Phone?

You cannot do it because a SIM card is locked to a Tracfone phone, SafeLink Wireless’s sister company where they get the phones.

Can I Upgrade My SafeLink Phone to a Smartphone?

If you upgrade your SafeLink wireless services, you will get a free phone upgrade automatically by SafeLink that provides a Smartphone for free. If you are an active customer of SafeLink Wireless, you have the right to get a new Smartphone upgrade & still retain your account alongside the benefits of your Lifeline.

How Long Does It Take SafeLink to Send a Phone?

After your application is approved by the company, you will be able to expect to get your SafeLink wireless phone via US registered mail soon, within 5 to ten business days.

Will SafeLink Work with a Verizon Phone?

For your information, Verizon’s phone is eligible & compatible to use the SIM Card of SafeLink. But you will have to activate the phone from scratch first. The process of activation is very simple. Besides that, you are also not required to pay at all. If you want to send text messages & make calls, you should start phone activation.

If you are qualified for the SafeLink service, you are allowed to port in your phone number to SafeLink phone. After you receive your free SIM Card, call the SafeLink Technical Support and inform the SafeLink representative that you want to port in your phone number.