Best Video Editors for YouTube

Today Gadget now brings the 5 Best Video Editors for YouTube for you. Currently, YouTube becomes the biggest video sharing platform. It hosts countless videos you can enjoy on the internet. If you have a YouTube account and want to share videos there, you need to edit your videos first. Today, video editing apps are available in either free or paid version. So, it is very important & interesting to know the best video editors for YouTube.

Best Video Editors for YouTube

Best Video Editing App for All Creators

Wondershare Filmora belongs to the best video editing application for making YouTube videos. This app is recommended so much for beginners & semi-professionals. This one is much more powerful compared to Windows Movie Maker. It lets you make a professional-looking videos with hundreds of presets like layers, transitions, elements, overlays, filters, and audio.

Best Free YouTube Video Editing App on Windows for Beginners

Windows Movie Maker is very popular in video editing tasks. This app is powerful but it only provides simple edits. That is why this one is better for beginners. For the best experience, we recommend you to use Windows 7. With this video editing software, you can add titles, trim/cut videos, add audios, etc. Unfortunately, it does not offer any visual effects or filters. For those who belong to semi-pros and pros, it is better to find the more powerful video editor.

Best Free Video Editor for Beginners on Mac

If you use Mac, there are also a few free video editing app that is recommended so much. One of them is iMovie. If you are a newbie, you don’t need to download a 3rd-party editor. You just need to try this video editor software. It comes with basic features of video editing. You can crop, trim, and arrange video clips easily using iMovie. The good news is that the latest version supports HD & 4K videos. It means you can edit footage captured with Go-Pros, iPhones & other modern digital cameras.

Best Paid Video Editing Software for Mac

Final Cut Pro is well known for its high-end video editing capabilities. Frequently, it is used by the industry’s leading professionals on demanding projects. The recent version supports 4K & 5K videos. Besides that, the 360-degree video editing is an option, too. However, you need to pay to use this video editing software. It costs $299.99 but you can try the trial version first for free.

Best Online YouTube Video Editing App for Uploaded Videos

For YouTubers, YouTube Studio belongs to the best choice to edit uploaded videos. You can edit uploaded videos while keeping the original URL, views, and comments. With this video editing app, you can trim the start/end of the video, blur faces, add an end screen template, and remove an unwanted part from the video. It is free to use. If you want others, you can still find many options, including the paid online video editors.

When it comes to video editors for YouTube, you have to be able to find the best one based on your needs. Hopefully, this will help you to be a successful YouTubers.