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Smartphone review 2019 – Many phones have been released to fulfill the demands of users on technology. The techno-companies challenge themselves to serve the best for their customers. Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi, Nokia, Huawei are the top 5 familiar companies of smartphones that the public knows. They offer brand new technology to grab users’ attention and passion. After all, do you know the best smartphone overall?

Smartphone review 2019

More Smartphones Provide Kinds of Features

Until August 2019, the data recorded that more than ten smartphones released to market from kinds of techno-companies. These smartphones 2019 try to be the best seller products for their own companies. Features and designs are to obtain users’ attention. By having better technology, the chance to be the best smartphones overall 2019 is not only a dream.

The competition among these companies produces better technology for their smartphone products which mean a lot for their users. Here is the list of smartphones 2019.

What Are the Best Smartphones Overall in 2019?

What should be reviewed as the consideration is about the quality of design, features, performance, and value, and ease of use? The list of the best smartphones in 2019 is below.

1. Xiomi Mi 9

This phone is one of the top phones in 2019. Many media which concern in gadget give it 4.5 stars of rate 5. The middle range price its offers to market with simple, useful features makes it the cheap useful, active phone.

2. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Because of carrying outstanding cameras, display and performance, no wonder that it got 4.5 stars of rate 5. The long battery life which is supported by Exynos Version is the additional strength of this gadget.

3. Huawei P30 Pro

Using the other operating system of its own company that is named Harmony OS, Huawei P30 Pro is the rival of Android and iOs phones. Also, it offers low light performance to ease the eyes of its users. For the camera? It provided the better one than its previous series. It is supplied by ten times optical zoom.

4. Apple iPhone XS

Given 4.5 stars of 5 rate by many media of gadget, iPhone XS offers a futuristic feature that is the use of a secure face ID unlock system. Its OLED display is marvelous with flawless performance and fast charging system which supports gamers to charge the phone fast. If you want to have the larger screen of this series, you may move to iPhone XS Max that has 6.5 inches screen.

5. Oppo Reno

This phone has a 10x zoom of camera that serves users close capturing photos. The design is slick that attracts people to have. With a decent battery and a 48MP rear camera, this phone is the rival of Huawei P30 Pro. But you need to consider its AMOLED Panel that is only 1080 pixels, and its speakers are a bit wimpy.

After knowing those smartphone review 2019, this is the time for you to decide which you want to have to support your needs in your daily life. Good luck!

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