MyCleanPC free is a downloadable program that promises to make your PC cleaner, safer, and faster. You have to download, scan & fix the problems that are identified by the software. If you have problems with errors, computer crashes, or screen freezes, MyCleanPC claims that you may have spam, infected emails, viruses, or spyware that can be to blame. The apps you download at this program will identify these problems quickly & clean them, to increase your safety & speed. If you like what this program has to offer, a free diagnosis is the first step.

What Does It Offer?

If you want your free diagnosis is done by MyCleanPC, you download CyberDefender Registry Cleaner. It is a kind of software for Ms. Windows systems. Therefore, MyCleanPC will unfortunately work with Mac computers. Its purpose is to remove redundant/unwanted items from your Windows registry, in order to improve your computer speed & efficacy.

You can find many registry cleaners you can download online for free. However, while MyCleanerPC lets you download & scan your computer with CyberDefender, you should buy the software for about 30 dollars before it will clean your system.

Is MyClean PC Worth It?

It is really up to you. PC World has ever reviewed CyberDefender & said that while the software identified more problems compared to other free registry cleaners, this software had less advanced settings & features.

But MyCleanPC claims that with the CyberDefender, you will get LiveTech. It is a remote PC repairservice that is available to you seven days a week. If you activate it & find out that it does not fulfill your needs, you may request a refund within 30 days after the purchase.

Clean Your Computer in Simple Steps

MyCleanPC offers simple steps for you who want to clean your computer. You just need to download & install this program first. After that, you can directly run your free diagnostic scan for finding tracking records on your PC. Then, you are required to activate it for only 19.99 dollars to repair issues in your computer & optimize the performance of your computer.

What Are the Functions of MyCleanPC?

MyCleanPC is a computer optimization tool that finds as well as repairs adware & other items that may affect general system performance, security, and browser speed. It also offers a few useful functions. First, it cleans registry issues by detecting & removing/repairing registry files issues and fixe incorrect system configurations.

Besides, it prevents crashes & freezes by fixing hidden OS issues, corrupting system files, missing DLLs, etc. Therefore, you do not experience random computer freezes & crashes. Then, it will also allow you to manage which apps/files you want your computer to open when turning it on and which one you do not. The start-up manager makes the process easy with just a few clicks.

In addition, it offers automatic and scheduled scanning as it lets you select what day you want to scan & clean your PC. You are allowed to schedule a scan at a particular time of day, once per week, or every day. Anyway, MyCleanPC free belongs to a must-have program in your computer.