Script plays a big role in the video. Here, you should write a script before you record your video. Now, there are some scripts writing apps you can find in the market. Most of them are expensive enough. If you are looking for script writing software for Windows and Mac, the following options will make your screenwriting experience smooth & easy.


This is a script writing app that is free & unique. Designed for Mac, it comes with a different approach than its counterparts. If you develop stories with this software, you will have the freedom to visualize a structure, you may need to direct whatever is in your mind into the view easily. Causality offers these features:

  • Character development, translation, and layers
  • Run on anything well from laptops to multi-monitor setups well
  • Analyzing all the events in your story, finding your plot problems & coming up with the most logical sequence
  • Move your script & beats automatically rearranges
  • Based on three components-script, timeline, and story logic
  • Limited space for writing script in free version
  • It has a free & a paid version
  • Let you plot timelines & key moments to visualize


It is a free script writing tool that can keep an eye on your budget. It also helps in structuring & planning. If you are interested in it, you can directly download it on your MAC device and get going. It comes with the following features:

  • Cloud-based pre-production suite
  • Compatible with tablets & iPhones and offering real-time collaboration choices
  • Breakdown your script for capturing what you need
  • Navigate and arrange scenes with drag-n-drop ease
  • Get the story started with index cards
  • Comprehensive plan, create & manage tool

Story Touch

For giving a dramatic development easily to your story board, this free Script Writing Software is an excellent choice. To create something unique, it allows you to use color pallets & graphs to offer a veritable X-ray of your script. It offers the following features:

  • See all items in screen that makes it easy to compare
  • Set levels for dramatic units by enabling tone, rhythm, and graphs
  • Create a track to follow a group of scenes in your story
  • Set the important characters in each scene
  • Check your screenplay in timeline & use tools for dramatic analysis

Kit Scenarist

Another best Script Writing Software app that is free to use is Kit Scenarist. It is an open-source and versatile script writing tool that is available for Linux, PC, and Mac OS. Its mobile version lets you work on it on the go. For your information, Kit Scenarist comes with these useful features:

  • Statistics module for getting detailed reports
  • Full-featured studio to create stories from the birth of the idea to production
  • Download & use it for free
  • Powerful & simple app to create screenplays
  • Write & update your script on-the-go
  • Index cards, statistic & a research module that are designed to assist you to organize your research materials

After paying attention to the script writing software above, you have to compare and choose the best one based on your needs. Each software has its own pros and cons so that you must be careful in selecting the best.