Today, most people use streaming apps like Hulu and Netflix to watch movies & TV shows. As long as you have a subscription & you do not need to go offline, it is a good option. However, you will need to go offline, what you need is a movie downloader. It allows you to download movies and watch them later. To find the best free movie downloader app, let’s see the following recommendations!


This is best for watching old movies on your phone. It belongs to the pre-installed app on your android. Therefore, you should not download & install other software to start watching movies. It comes with a great collection of movies/films, mostly old movies. If you like movies that are not targeted at a mass audience, it is a good place to start. You will also be able to find the latest movies here. However, you are required to pay a rental fee for watching or downloading them.


For Netflix fans, this is the best Movie Downloader App to choose. Basically, this free movie downloader in an unlocked version of Netflix. It has the similar interface & search feature with Amazon Prime or Netflix. It means you should type the name of a serios or a movie you are looking for. Then, download it for free by following the link. Each movie comes with multiple links of download. Therefore, you will be able to select your desired quality & size.


If you want to watch movies & series that are not available on Netflix, you can consider Tubi. It is a movie downloader that comes a special category. Simply, it is designed for the content that is not on Netflix. Besides that, this movie downloader also features a collection of free movies where some of them can be downloaded to your android device & watch it HD quality. In addition, you will find new titles added to the collection of the app on a weekly basis.

This movie download app is user-friendly. It has options like the films/movies you love & creating a personal queue to continue watching the movies/films later. It also supports Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, and Chromecast, that allow you to watch the movies/films you like on larger screens.

Cinema HD

This is a famous online streaming Movie Downloader App that lets you download the movies & watch them on you android locally. The main benefit of this app over other similar software is the absence of pop-up ads. So, you will be able to watch your favorite movies/films enjoyably without getting annoyed.

This free movie downloader app supports HD quality. However, you may select any resolution when you download the films or movies. You can find so many foreign language movies and films you can watch with subtitles. How about the downside? The only downside may be that it is not always available to download from Google Play Store. Therefore, sometimes you are required to download the APK file & then install it manually on your own smartphone. Even though watching movies online is a trend now, watching movies offline will always be more comfortable and enjoyable.