A new BlackBerry phone 2021 will be launched this year. It means BlackBerry is back again from the dead. The rumor says that BlackBerry will produce a phone that supports 5G. In this article, we will discuss the new BlackBerry further including its release date, specs, and price.

New BlackBerry Phone 2021 Release Date

Actually, it was planned to come out in the middle of 2021. However, it has not been released yet until now. So, we can expect its release in the end of 2021 or early of 2022. Anyway, there is no official announcement yet about it. So, it will be better to wait for the official announcement of the new BlackBerry. The new BlackBerry phone is expected to launch in Asia, Europe, and North America. However, we still don’t know yet which specific markets are included in those regions.

New BlackBerry Phone 2021 Price

We have no valid information yet about it. However, we guess that it may be high enough. Maybe, it will be around 800 pounds sterling or 800 US dollars. It is a niche device. So, its price will reflect the exclusivity of a secure smartphone with a keyboard. The reality is that the new BlackBerry will probably be expensive enough.

New BlackBerry Phone 2021 Specs

The new BlackBerry smartphone will surely offer 5G networking capabilities as well as a physical keyboard. However, these are the only 2 indications of specifications we have got so far. We have not got any other specific specs of the new BlackBerry phone. So, if you are curious about it, you have to be patient until the company officially announces it.

Even though its specs are still unknown yet, it is announced that the new BlackBerry will come with a secure, feature-rich 5G-ready. This will surely enhance productivity. Its design is also still unknown. Anyway, BlackBerry will certainly give the best for their new phone to satisfy the customers. So, we can expect high specs for this new phone.

BlackBerry Phone 2021 Wish List

There are a few wishes for the new BlackBerry that will be released in 2021. First, the wish relates to a high refresh rate display. Of course, a premium screen is a must if BlackBerry wants to impress the customers again. Besides that, a superlative keyboard also belongs to one of the biggest wishes. The closest possibility is the Key2. However, the keys were too square & too small.

Then, you can also wish sliding form factor. We think, BlackBerry has to recreate the form factor of the BlackBerry Priv. It may be a regular touchscreen smartphone display as well as a sliding form factor hiding a physical keyboard. We will be in nostalgia heaven if it aped the BlackBerry Bold 9900’s compact design & made android work properly.

One more thing to expect is about the camera. As we know, the TCL BlackBerrys’ cameras were weak. That is why we hope the 5G BlackBerry will come with cameras that can hold their own against modern phone. If the company wants to bring the brand back, quality of camera should be the main focus.