Auto-Tune Pro belongs is undoubtedly the most advanced edition of Auto-Tune. This includes Auto Mode. This feature is very useful for real-time correction & effects. Besides that, there is also Graph Mode where this is used for detailed pitch & time editing. In addition, you will also use Auto-Key plug-in that is useful for automatic key & scale detection. In this article, we will focus on discussing Antares Autotune Pro.

Antares Autotune Pro Features

Besides the features above, Auto-Tune Pro still offers a few other features. Auto-Tune Pro from Antares also comes with Classic Mode. Mode is designed for the celebrated ‘Auto-Tune 5 sound. Moreover, Auto-Tune Pro also features Flex-Tune & Humanize for natural-sounding & transparent tuning. The next feature is the Throat Modeling that will be great for extreme or subtle vocal transformations.

The next feature is Transpose that is useful for real-time pitch-shifting. This feature comes with automatic Formant Correction. Auto-Tune Pro is also featured with Low Latency processing where it allows you to perform through Antares Autotune Pro in real-time in the studio or on stage, without worrying about distracting delay.

It is important to know that both the Graph Mode and Auto Mode interfaces are created to offer the most intuitive, flexible, and efficient workflow for professional users as well as beginners alike. Then, there is also Auto Mode that includes 2 unique screen views. The first is Basic View. It gives you fast & easy access to the Auto Mode’s main features. The second is Advanced View that unlocks the powerful HDMI, Vibrato Control, and scale editing features.

Next, Autotune Pro from Antares offers Graph Mode. This feature gives you detailed control on every nuance of a vocal performance. You need to know that the extensive pitch editing tools let you control individual notes & pitch curves precisely. Therefore, you will be able to apply pitch correction just where it is needed. Then, the transparent time correction features allow you to touch up timing errors fast in an otherwise excellent performance, or rework the timing of your track creatively without needing to re-record it.

You will also use the Auto-Key plug-in included in Autotune Pro where it is designed to improve your workflow as well as save valuable time in the studio. For your information, Auto-Key detects the key & scale of your music automatically and then sends it to all the instances of Autotune in your project. If you know the key & scale of your track, you can find Auto-Tune useful for setting the Key & Scale parameters of multiple instances of Autotune simultaneously with a single click.

Whether you want to touch up some questionable quotes quickly, dial in the perfect Auto-Tune Effect, or polish a whole performance meticulously, Auto-Tune Pro provides the professional pitch correction as well as classic effects that you are looking for.

Antares Autotune Pro Prices and System Requirements

You can upgrade to Antares Autotune pro at different prices, from 129 dollars to 349 dollars. Autotune Pro is available for Mac and Windows. You have to make sure that the operating system on your device meets the required specs.