Today, listening to music on an android will give you better experience. So, we will help you to pick the best music app for android. We will share top picks of android music apps from normal music streaming services to music apps that let you play your downloaded music, and apps that do both. If you are curious about it, let’s check it out!


It is undoubtedly at the top of the list for a good reason in Music App for Android. It belongs to the best music streaming software available today. With this app, you will not only be able to stream music from around the world. However, you will also be able to use it to play locally stored music. That is why it becomes an app most users will need on their smartphones.

It is available in free & paid versions. Besides, it also comes with many features and nifty things like an amazingly big library. It also offers amazing recommendations according to what you listen to & what is popular in your area. In addition, it supports for podcasts, that is something very few music streaming software have built-in.


If you don’t like Sportify, you can opt for Deezer. It may fit your needs. It also belongs to one of the most popular alternatives to bigger applications like YouTube Music and Apple Music. This android music app provides similar features to Sportify. Besides that, it also comes with in ad-supported free version. Anyway, both Sportify and Deezer are very good because there are many advanced features such as recommendations, downloads & a library of podcasts & music tracks for you to select from.


iHeartRadio is different from  Music App for Android what you may think as a conventional streaming application. It focuses on streaming something a bit different. It is more similar to tuning into FM or AM radio than to streaming music. Therefore, it you love doing things the old school way, it will be appropriate for you.

As its name implies, it is a radio streaming app where users can listen to various stations based on their own tastes. For your information, this music app contains sports, news, podcasts, and radio shows contents. In addition, iHeartRadio includes AM & FM radio stations. In conclusion, this is best for all as it is 100% free to get and use.


This android music software comes with a big thing that goes for them not many other streaming services offer. Tidal features lossless audio. This app is designed to face competition from none other than Sportify because recently the company announced that Sportify HiFi is a thing. So, Tidal pioneered the streaming lossless music concept. It means, having CD-quality music without requiring to have CDs or without requiring to download FLAC files is very great. After we get past the lossless aspect of things, this music app still remains a very compelling package. For your information, it comes with access to a library that contains 70 million songs. Anyway, it is reasonable if it is considered to belong to the best music app for android because it offers lossless quality.

YouTube Music

As the digital video platform or Music App for Android, YouTube is considered ‘the king of free applications’ that is perfect as it gives you the access to an enormous media library, which includes music, too. However, YouTube Music is a really different thing even though it uses the same platform like YouTube. YouTube Music mixes YouTube’s name & brand and its great popularity as well as joins that with a library of more than 40 million song, and also a free tier which packs pretty much the same limitations as the YouTube application for videos.

YouTube identity’s best part is that your liked music from over the years is carried along, too. Therefore, you are able to dip into nostalgia easily. The paid tier removes ads & gives you access to features like background playback. Keep in mind that the free version leaves a few things to be desired through. Therefore, if you are not willing to shell something out, it will be best for you to go with a different option listed here.

Apple Music

It has been years & we are still surprised that Apple made Apple Music available on android devices. But alas, Appe did it. For what it is worth, it is on the upper tier of the top music player applications for android devices. To have access to this service, you will need to pay a subscription at 10 dollars per month for a personal package, 5 dollars if you are a student, or 15 dollars per month if you are interested in a family package. It allows you to share your subscription & Apple’s music library with up to 6 people.


It has been considered one of the best android music apps for years. It doesn’t only work as a standalone music player for you to playback the locally downloaded tracks. However, it adds extra functionality to other applications, too. It focuses on live lyrics & does a very good job at it. Besides that, this app also lets you play the locally downloaded music & gives you the lyrics to whatever you are listening to. If you have no locally downloaded music, you can use it to display live lyrics on apps like Sportify with something called FloatingLyrics. Overall, it is reasonable to be considered as one of the most versatile & best music player software for android devices.

Poweramp Music Player

This app is kind of an ugly duckling when it is compared to other apps in this list. The whole point of the app is purely being function over form. Besides that, the function is more than makes up for the lack of form. Belongs to the best music app for android, it supports various formats. For your information, it supports high-resolution audio whenever the android device supports it. Then, it comes with internal 64-bit processing. If you are able to look past the utilitarian UI of the app and pay a one-time license for the full version, you will find that it is excellent for you.