If you lose your android device, you should not worry. Don’t panic because there is still a chance to find the location of your lost android. In this case, what you need is a phone tracker app. This kind of app allows you to monitor your mobile device’s location. You can use it to recover your stolen/lost smartphone. Besides that, it is also useful to keep tabs on your kids. With this kind of app, you will be able to view the location & other information of the children’s smartphone including social media message, internet searches, call history, etc. So, it is very important to look at these best tracker apps for android.

Best Free Android Tracker Apps


This is best for phone tracking and parental control on Kindle Fire, iOS, and Android devices. This app is not only compatible with all iOS versions but also most android smartphones. It also comes with many advanced features you cannot find in other apps, such as encrypted data access, web blocking features, and a keylogger.

The features include keyword alerts, screen recorder, recovery of deleted messages, remote blocking of contacts/apps/webs/etc., and social media monitoring including Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

In conclusion, it belongs to an android tracker app with most complete features. If have android 4.0 or later or iOS devices, this app will really work. This app has the solution with 3 pricing plans: 1 Month (48.99 dollars/month), 3 Months (27.99/month) & 12 Months (11.66 dollars/month. You can also try a demo.


If you are looking for an Tracker Apps for Android used to monitor everything that happens on the smartphones and tablets of your children, this may be the best choice. It is a sophisticated smartphone tracker with capabilities to monitor everything on your children’s tablet or smartphone in real time. It doesn’t only support android but also iOS devices. It allows you to monitor 30+ social media platforms.

There are many features offered. First, it is able to log everything the user types, including passwords and keystrokes. Besides that, it also provides real-time information of location with the history of places visited. Then, it allows you to monitor received & sent messages and also deleted SMS. Along with the outgoing & incoming calls, it provides the caller, duration, and timestamps information.

The verdict is that uMobix can be a great app for smartphones/tablets for parents in monitoring their children’s tablets/smartphones. You can set up and use it easily. It also provides real-time updates. This app supports all the iPads, iPhones, and also Android 4+. For the price, it costs 49.99 dollars for half-yearly.


There is no better real-time monitoring app for iPhone and Android than Mobilespy.at. It is a smartphone monitoring software for businesses, schools, and parents. Besides undetectable, it also provides the live details. With this software, you will be able to spy on Live GPS, Facebook, WhatsApp, and others. You can also use it to undelete the messages. For your information it comes with 42+ unique features. Some of them can be seen in the following list:

  • All the data about the target smartphone is secured with the European data law
  • It features a Wi-Fi logger and location tracking
  • It tracks the details of the target smartphone including photos, messages, contacts, calls, and many more
  • Capability of multi-phone overview, up to more than 2000 devices

Anyway, this Tracker Apps for Android provides easy monitoring of any android smartphone in real time. Besides, it also provides a live-info of all the smartphones connected. In addition, it saves all the data of communication. Mobilespy.at is a platform that comes with a key logger, live dashboard, etc. When it comes to pricing, it offers 3 pricing plans. They include 1 Month (19 dollars monthly), 3 Months (16 dollars monthly) & 6 Months (13 dollars monthly). In addition, a demo is also available.


For employee monitoring or parental control, FlexiSPY belongs to the best tracker apps for android. This unique monitoring solution is not only available for android but also Mac and PC. It helps you to monitor all the digital and audio communications of iPhone & Android devices. You can use it to monitor everything that happens on your Mac or PC. It functions to track digital communications, monitor social media, record phone calls, etc.

Talking about features, it comes with features of intercepting all kinds of call & capturing all forms of records & messages and also hidden data. Besides, it offers 150+ features for employee/child monitoring. It allows you to read emails & IM chats, record browser activity, and many more. With this app, you can also manage internet usage, track device locations, monitor installed apps, etc.

To conclude the review, this app has more monitoring features than others. There is no hassle with a remote installation service. It is available with a free mobile application that is compatible with both iPhone and Android devices. The price starts from 29.95 dollars for android & iPhone. For computer and iPad, the price starts from 68 dollars.


For you who are looking for an app that comes with hidden tracking abilities (internet activity, call audio, SMS, location, etc.), this Tracker Apps for Android meets your needs. It is a free mobile tracking app that allows you to sign up for free. It offers functionalities for text tracking, social media tracking, phone history tracking, and many more. It comes with the free function of a keylogger registering all the pressed keyboard buttons. It is not only compatible with Android but also Mac OS X and Windows. It remains completely invisible.

For the features, this app comes with Geolocation tracker that gives you info about the target phone’s location using GPS, cell towers, and Wi-Fi signals. It also allows tracking of photos, audio, and videos shared in Facebook conversations. Then, it features SMS tracker that allows you to view all SMS & MMS messages set/received by the target phone. One more, it features a front camera photo that automatically captures the photo when the screen is unlocked.

As one of the best tracker apps for android, it offers various capabilities like secretly recording call audio, SMS, location, etc. Through an online account, it lets you view the data recorded. There are 3 editions available. Personal costs from 24.95 dollars/month, Professional costs from 9.99 dollars/month/device, and Business costs from 6.00 dollars/month/device.