Home design software allows you to create a layout for your studio or home, without leaving your desk. It usually comes with libraries of real furniture. Whether you would like to dream up a new home room scratch or only give a bit of a spruce at the pre-existing space, there will be software that can help you to do it. After you have completed your creation, you can export it generally as a high-resolution render that lets you share with professional architects & builders who can help turn it into a reality.

Below, we list a few recommendations of software for home design and they come with different prices. They also have different features. So, make sure that you pay attention to each of them before you decide the best one.

Best Overall Home Design Software

Overall, Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design is considered as the best option. It features kitchen build wizard, surface design, and digital interior design. This software supports Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 operating systems. If you are interested in it, you can invest your cash 99.99 dollars for this software.

Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design is easy to use and offers sample plans that help you to get started. However, it is not the largest selection of sample plans and phone support is expensive. This software is ideal for you who may not have too much experience with sort of things. Besides, it also includes loads of useful wizards that hold your hand through the designing process.

With this software, will find a large object library that allows you to add various components to your home design. This software will handily calculate the needed materials and give you estimation of what it is going to cost. Therefore, your imagination will not take you far away from your own budget.

Best Value Home Design Software

Turbo Floor Plan Home & Landscape Deluxe can be considered as the best value software for home design. It supports Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 OS. This software features Training Center with more than 100 videos, Floor Plan Trace, and Quick Start feature. There are options you can purchase. Turbo Floor PLan Home & Landscape Deluxe costs 49.99 dollars whereas Turbo Floor Plan Home & Landscape Pro 2020 costs 299.99 dollars.

It can be a good option to choose because of its excellent value. Besides that, it also comes with many video tutorials. Unfortunately, it lacks step-by-step guides and cannot design fences & water features. The fact is that Turbo Floor Plan Home & Landscape Deluxe is almost half the price of the other options. To get started, you have got 45 sample plans. It also offers Quick Start. This feature allows you to jump right in & start designing your buildings. It also comes with various video tutorials that will be helpful when you get stuck. Unfortunately, there is no step-by-step wizard that helps you to create rooms, unlike the first software we have discussed above. Anyway, it still has fantastic value for money. It is also excellent for people on a budget.

Best Home Design Software for Macs

If you focus on Mac OS, the best software for home design is Home Designer Suite by Chief Architect. Now, let’s see the specs. This software is featured with automated building tools, 3D models & rendering, and the smart objects. Even though it is best for Mac, you can also use it on Mojave, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. Besides Mac compatible, this software can also scan in physical plans. However, it is not too easy to use and has no water features.

We know that Mac is well known with its digital creatives. But they have no the same breadth of option for home design software. So, if you use a Mac computer, you have limited software suites and this is the best one so far. It features various features of designing your building both inside & outside. It is also compatible with Trimble Warehouse and Sketchup, that host ready made the 3D models where you can include in your own designs. You can export your designs easily into formats used by builders & architects.

Best Home Design Software for Small Studios and Project

When it comes to small project & studios, the best software for home design is Dream Plan. This software comes with interior & room design, landscape & garden design, and A3D, 2D & blueprint views. It also supports various operating systems including Mac OS X 10.5, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and above.

Besides easy to use, this software also offers good selection of tools. Unfortunately, this software has limited amounts of objects. This software is best for you who are designing a small project and you do not want to spend a fortune on a complex suite of design apps that include features you will never use; Dream Plan is a perfect option. With this tool you will be able to whip up designs quickly for small projects without overwhelming you.

Best Free Home Design Software

All the options above are not free. You have to pay some money to purchase them. However, there are actually some tools for home design that do not require you to pay at all. When it comes to a free home design tool, Room Sketcher Home Designer is the perfect one. This is recommended for you who only want to dip your toes into the home design waters & test out the tool before spending any money. It is basic. However, it does the job. It also lets you create a fast & easy floor plan with doors, stairs, walls, and windows. You are also allowed to add the objects to get an idea of how the designed building will look.

Even though this offers basic tools, Room Sketcher Home Designer does not match the paid-for home design tool. You are limited to designing 5 buildings. If you want more, you need to buy for 10 dollars. This home design software has an app for android and iOS mobile devices. Therefore, you will be able to create your own designs while on the go.