Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) or DAW Tools is an app/electronic device used to record, edit, and produce audio. This kind of tool provides real-time preview with various sound effects. Free DAW allows you to work with MIDI files with different music effects & high-resolution themes. Below are lists of some famous DAW software that come with best features.

2021 Free DAW Tools

Adobe Audition

It belongs to the best DAW software. This tool includes waveform & multi-track display to make, edit, mix, and also restore audio content. It is designed to accelerate video production workflow & audio. The key features include:

  • Mac & Windows supports
  • Can import & export multiple formats of audio
  • Allow you to integrate the music clips within the audio recording to make it sound pro
  • Can be used to make podcasts
  • The sound panel is integrated with the program to get the best oomph effects to the audio
  • Allow you to mix audio contents for the podcast
  • Recording, editing & integrating music clips easily
  • Allow you to repair the audio break perfectly

Avid Pro Tools First

This software comes with various sound editing toolset. Avid Pro Tools First enables you to manipulate audio & MIDI tracks. This is free and supports drag & drops features. There are still many other features, including:

  • Nondestructive editing is possible. you can make changes to audio without overwriting the original files.
  • This software offers Cloud collaboration
  • It also lets you edit MIDI files
  • Good for beginners as it supports effects such as solo & mute
  • The program includes over 23 plugins


Its an audio editing software that comes with a seamless audio production workflow. This software helps you to edit metadata across formats. This tool also supports multitrack recording & mixing. The features can be seen in the following list below:

  • Batch processing audio files
  • Support for waveform & spectral editing
  • Burning audio tracks to CDs
  • Offer high DPI display support
  • ASIO & WASAPI device supports


We can say that Audacity is considered as one of the most recommended open-source DAW programs. This program uses a multi-track editor helping you to easily edit any sound. Audacity enables you to export & import different files such as FLAC, OGG, WAV, MP3, etc. This software offers a few great features including:

  • This app supports different plugins
  • You are allowed to visualize the frequency selected
  • You can manipulate it fully using a keyboard
  • This software provides real-time preview showing sound effects
  • You can edit easily using the copy, cut, paste & delete facility
  • Supported sound qualities include 16-bit, 24-bit & 32-bit


This is a virtual audio track. This software enables you to create sounds for your own music. Besides that, this tool also comes with different Synthesizers, instruments, effects, and many more. In addition, this app supports all major formats of files, including MP3, AIFF, WAVE, etc. This software offers a few useful features. They include:

  • You are allowed to export channels such as tracks & effects
  • The full version of the app features pitch editing to vocal recordings
  • High-quality real-time audio transpose facility
  • This tool features unlimited instrument and audio recording channels
  • In addition, this software also supports VST (Visual Studio Tech) plugin


Without a doubt, Waveform belongs to the top DAW tools allowing unlimited audio & HDMI tracks to create professional songs. Waveform also enables you to generate patters as well as detailed automation. The features are also impressive. They include:

  • It lets you play a virtual drum
  • This is free for Windows
  • It lets you record band as well as podcast music
  • This software supports Virtual Studio Tech (VST) plugin
  • It belongs to the best free music making tools enabling you to apply effects to individual audio clips


Then, there is also a SoundBridge. This digital audio workstation is free. It also lets you edit songs with other artists or musicians. This software comes with complete 3rd-party driver support. This free DAW tool offers a few useful features including:

  • This free DAW tool allows MIDI mapping
  • It provides various effects of freeware
  • This software also comes with themes in high resolution
  • It belongs to the most recommended DAW tools with a touch interface
  • This DAW software enables you to collaborate with other persons
  • It also lets you edit audio easily


For your information, Reaper can be considered as one of the best DAW tools for Windows. You can run this free software from a network drive. Reaper comes with many plugins to add effects & virtual instruments. It also supports 64-bit internal audio processing. There are some features brought by Reaper. They include:

  • allows you to manage the tempo without any hassle
  • helps you to customize icons, layouts, toolbars, and colors the way you love
  • lets you apply effects in real-time
  • belongs to the best DAW software that supports in over 64 routable channels
  • It allows you to move, split, arrange & render with ease
  • Drag & drop files to import, arrange & render
  • It lets you record required audio in any format

Free DAW Buying Guides

When it comes to a digital audio workstation, you cannot only focus on its price. There are a few important things you will need to consider so that you can find the best one. First, you mus have to think about your budget. Now, you can easily find free DAW software that come with complete basic features. So, you do not need to pay at all for this kind of software.

Besides that, you also have to consider your computer hardware and operating system. If your DAW tool is not compatible with your current computer hardware & OS, of course it will be useless. So, you should check the compatibility before you choose the appropriate DAW program. One more, you have to understand your goal. This factor is very important when choosing a free DAW. In this case, you are required to check the features of the DAW based on your goal of using it. Different DAW tools may come with different features. So, you have to pay attention to their features carefully before deciding to use the appropriate one and others.