Android 12 is ready to release. Now, the leak of the smartphones that get the update is spread. This is a hot topic to be discussed today. You will also find a few new features on Android 12.

New Features on Android 12

  1. New User Interface

The newest system displays new & interesting materials including its colors, themes, and other displays. The users can also change the theme options, changes on notifications, and quick settings. The user interface is more intuitive and fun. Of course, it becomes a big visual change introduced.

  1. Enhancement of Quick Setting

Android 12 allows you to do more than the menu, including to access Google Play and Home Control for the connected devices. In fact, Google claims that the users can control almost all operation systems with one touch only.

  1. New Way of Google Assistant Release

Google is planning to add other methods to activate their digital assistant besides saying ‘Hi Google’. Google also confirms that long pressing the ‘Home’ button now runs Google Assistant.

  1. Better Performance and Power Efficiency

Google claims that they have reduced CPU time needed for the main system service up to 22% and the usage of the main core by system server up to 15%. So, the system becomes more efficient and the battery lifetime will be longer.

  1. Privacy

On Android 12, Google provides a new privacy dashboard where you can see what apps that access which permission. It looks a bit like Google Fit design for all things. Besides monitoring what the apps do from the privacy dashboard, you can also revoke the permission. The users can also share the estimated location with apps.

  1. Remote Control

With Android 12, your Smartphone will be multifunction. You can use your Smartphone as a TV remote, at least for a device with Android TV OS, including those that support Google TV like Chromecast with Google TV

  1. Universal Device Search

This feature operates like Spotlight on iOS. It allows you to search apps, files, and other local contents. This was a feature possessed by many third-party launchers in the past. Besides that, Android 12 also provides a few updates on Game Dashboard, Copy link texts from Recent, and Live Space. On the Game Dashboard, Android 12 offers a fast access to screen recording, screenshots, FPS measurer/gauge, DND switch, shortcut to YouTube streaming, Play Game widget, and game optimization menu.

How Do You Call Android 12?

During the process of development, Google call Android 12 operation system with the name code of Snow Cone. Anyway, Google announces that Android 12 is the official name of this latest operation system, without any fill of name.

It is important to know that Android 12 is going to be released on October 4th, 2021. However, you have been able to find Android 12 Beta 5th now because it was released on September 8th, 2021. It is also interesting to know which smartphones that can get the update of Android 12 OS.