Android 12 OS is going to be launched soon. So, which smartphones will carry Android 12 beta first? You need to know that the main focus of Android 12 is on visual renovation.

Advantages of Android 12

The most attention-grabbing is related to its design & performance. Because it is still the trial stage, now all smartphones can try this latest system operation. There are only a few smartphones that can try it. Anyway, it is interesting to know the advantages of Android 12 first.

First, you will find a design that can be personalized. It means the users can change colors and redesign a few aspects. When the users choose new wallpaper, the system will automatically decide what color will be dominant to be applied in Android 12 design, including the color of the notification window, screen lock, and voice control.

Besides, Android 12 also offers more fluid & smoother animations and moves compared to the last version. With Android 12, smartphones will respond the users’ touches with smooth moves & animations.

Then, the more intuitive notification space also belongs to the advantages of this new android version. When you open notifications, you will see notifications from apps, the information what the user is listening, and the quick setting menu that allows the user to control the setting in the OS directly. In the quick setting menu, there is also Google Pay and Home Controls. Google Pay relates to payments whereas Home Controls is a control center to setup other devices at home that are connected to the user’s Smartphone.

In addition, the performance will also be faster. Because of that, the transition between apps and when the apps run will be more responsive. Google also introduces a standard called Performance Class where Google cooperates with their ecosystem partner to introduce a new standard so that the android device will have a high performance.

One more, you need to thank to the new privacy feature brought by Android 12. This new android version will share the transparency of the apps that access data.

Smartphones That Will Try Android 12 First

At first, Google only releases Android 12 for Pixel and a few series of Asus, Xiaomi, Vivo, Techno, Sharp, Realme, Oppo, TCL, ZTE, and OnePlus. Below is the list of smartphones that will get the update of Android 12 first:

  • Pixel 3
  • Pixel 3 XL
  • Pixel 3a
  • Pixel 3a XL
  • Pixel 4
  • Pixel 4a
  • Pixel 4a
  • Pixel 4a (5G)
  • Pixel 5

Smartphones that get the update of android 12 may be more than the list above.

How to Download and Follow Android 12 Beta Program

For smartphones that support this new android version, the user can visit the page of Android Beta Program. There, the user will be required to sign in using a Google account. Below the page, there will be the list of phones connected to the user account that meet the requirements to participate in the android 12 beta program. Click ‘Opt-in’ button, accept the terms and conditions, and click ‘Confirm and Enroll’. Them, go to Settings > System > Advanced > System Update > Check for Update. It may take a few minutes. After the phone shows an update, just install and reboot your phone.