Recover Free Fire Guest Account

Until now, Free Fire still becomes the most favorite game for many people from kids, teens, to adults. This addictive game is very fun to play. Unfortunately, there are many players who complain because their Free Fire guest accounts are lost suddenly. Does it also happen to you? Anyway, you don’t need to worry because Gadget now brings a trick to recover a Free Fire guest account easily. How can you do it? Let’s pay attention to the following guides!

Recover Free Fire Guest Account

What Is Free Fire Guest Account?

It is a temporary Free Fire account that can be used without the main account. You can use a guest account if you want to try Free Fire game. If you feel that this game is fun, you can download and play it by creating your own account.

Why Free Fire Guest Account Lost?

A Free Fire guest account can be lost if the user removes data of the Free Fire game/app. So, the data of your guest account will automatically be removed. However, if you still remember the User ID of your guest account, you can recover or get back your lost Free Fire guest account.

How to Recover the Lost/Removed Free Fire Guest Account

Many Free Fire lovers are worried when their guest accounts lost. To recover your guest account, there are a few important things to be prepared:

  • Your nickname & Free Fire guest ID
  • The screenshot of your Free Fire main account
  • Stable internet connection

If you have prepared those things, you can start following these steps to recover your lost Free Fire guest account.

  1. Go to the Garena Support.
  2. On the main display, click ‘Email’ icon.
  3. After that Login using your account that has been connected to Garena.
  4. After you are logged in, choose ‘Game’ menu!
  5. Then, choose ‘Select Category’ menu and select ‘Account’!
  6. On the ‘Sub Category’ menu, you should choose ‘Others’.
  7. Now, enter your nickname, player ID, and the problems happened.
  8. Make sure that you fulfill all the player data correctly and completely. Write an account return/recovery application rightly.
  9. Upload the screenshot of Free Fire account you use.
  10. Click ‘Send’ to upload that file.
  11. On the top, click ‘Register Ticket’ menu.
  12. Wait for about a week to see the result of the return/recovery of the lost Free Fire guest account.

That is all the tricks how to recover your lost Free Fire guest account. By following those steps above, you will be able to access your Free Fire guest account again. It is better for you to check the Ticket Draft on the Garena Support website to see the information if the application is successful or not.

After your lost Free Fire guest account is recovered, now you can play Free Fire again without a main account. After paying attention to the explanation above, now you know that you can get back your Free Fire guest account even though it was lost.