Tech Hack 2019

Tech Hack 2019 – It will be fantastic if you can hack the technology even though it is just a simple one. It gives you a small satisfaction or even big because you look smart with it, especially if you can do it by yourself (DIY).

The DIY technology hacks are spread out on the internet. Many articles provide you the ways. Do you wonder to know?

Tech Hack 2019

Tech Hacks Android

Tech Hack 2019

Tech hacks Android is a part of tech hack 2019 that is searched by people. The numerous users of Android want to get the hack they could try at home to boost their phones.

Sometimes, they record the tutorials and upload them to their YouTube channels. It is a benefit. If you want to do so, you may try tech hack 2019 below at your home.

They are simple but useful for your phones. For you who want to know and get more from your phones, check this out!

Tech Hacks 2019 You can Do It by Yourself

1. Speed up the charging

Waiting for the phones full of the battery will be frustrating. To handle this problem, techno-companies such as Samsung and Apple provide their products with fast charging features.

But not all products carry it in their built-in setting. If your phone is one of them, the tech hacks 2019 you can do to your phone is turning to Airplane Mode while you are charging your phones. This mode allows the flows of network access that may eat the power more. It will boost your phones’ charging.

2. Recycle bin for Android

Did you delete an important file on your phones accidentally? Don’t cry! There are tips for you to restore it! If you use Android phones, there is an application of the Play Store you can download named Dumpster.

This application allows you to restore the deleted files on your phones as you do on your laptops. This application also manages the deleted files before you remove them permanently. The function is like the recycle bin on your computer!

3. Your phones provide you the Night Lamp

The flashlight of your phones is too bright? It happens to many phones. It is both useful or useless. If you get a sudden blackout, you don’t have to find candles but activate the flashlight on your phones.

On the other hand, in the dark, the torch of phones can damage the eyes. To minimize it, you may apply this hack. Use the water in a bottle. Put the container on your phones. It reduces the light, so, it will be saver for your eyes. Plus, it can be a magical night lamp for your sleep.

After you know tech hack 2019, now you are a tech savvy person. You can show to friends. So, which is of the tech hack 2019 you would try at home? Hopefully, it will be a success.

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