It is reasonable that Xiaomi Mi 11 is called Movie Magic. In fact, this Smartphone comes with many features that can be used to create cinematic videos. As a content creator, Smartphone with high-quality cameras is very important. It will be very practical to create video and photo contents just with a Smartphone. So, you do not need to bring GoPro or any additional mirror less camera.

We can say that Xiaomi Mi 11 really replaces GoPro with its features like ultra-wide camera feature and Canon G7x Mark II mirror less camera through the solid zoom ability to record videos.

Utilizing 3 Cameras

When it comes to videos, Mi 11 features 3 amazing cameras. All of them are very solid. Even in low light, the ultra-wide lens of Xiaomi Mi 11 is still able to maintain excellent focus & video details.

For closeup angle, B-roll, and bokeh, the 108MP wide-angle main camera will be perfect to use. It is not an ordinary 108MP camera because it is equipped with 7 elements of lens (7P), 4-in-1 Super Pixel techs, OIS and 1/1.33” sensors.

It is well said that this 108MP camera is considered as the best Smartphone camera. It is excellent for any moment in low light, under the hot sun, and the late of the day.

The Role of Artificial Intelligence

When creating a vlog, you can use Mi 11 for creating a creative & unique video because this Smartphone offers almost unlimited creativities. With AI, you can also find and try six cinematic effects.

Night time-lapse is a fun feature for creating a great B-roll when we are in a city, at a park, or at a beach in the evening.

Magic zoom effect can provide the best result but it it’s not easy. You may need to try it for a few times. This effect is popularized by Vertigo film. It makes the zoom effect to the subject background growing.

You can also find Dual Video feature that makes Xiaomi Mi 11 comes in Midnight Gray & Horizon Blue colors able to record with front and rear cameras at the same time.

The most exciting thing is the parallel world effect that separates the background line by the horizon line like Christopher Nolan’s film Inception. There are still a few other exciting effects such as freeze frame & slow shutter to create short videos.

It is easy to activate these cinematic effects. You just need to open Camera and then move to more. After that, tap Movie Effects. You can even do color grading to give story mood in the video.

AMOLED Screen and Fast Charging

Besides its Movie Magic feature, you also need to thank to Mi 11’s AMOLED Dot Display screen in 6.81” and WQHD+ resolution (3200×1440 pixels). This will be great for streaming or playing games. The Fast-Charging technology is also very useful so that you can use it all day. Of course, it will be beneficial for you who often move from one place to another.