Today, mobile apps are getting more various. Of course, you want to enjoy your days with your gadget. So, it is important to know about most popular apps 2021. With the following apps, using a smartphone will be much more enjoyable.


This is the best on-demand ride-sharing service in the world. This app connects 103 million riders to drivers in more than 70 countries around the world. Uber dominates the US market. It also has a great presence in other countries. There are some things this app can do:

  • Excellent GPS Integration with Google Maps

This feature allows you to drop pins in precise locations & gives the option to make your location known to the driver.

  • Seamless Payment Processing

This feature gives the option to pay in cash in the locations where credit cards are not popular.

  • Price Calculation

It lets you know what you are paying upfront.

Uber is available on both Android and iOS.


As we all know, Instagram belongs to the biggest platforms of social media. It eases you to connect through videos and images. Instagram is very popular among Gen-Zers and Millennials. That is why it becomes a powerful channel for advertisers who try to reach those segments and this one of most popular apps.

Available for Android and iOS, Instagram offers the ‘stories’ feature. This feature eases you to capture photos and videos that will disappear automatically within 24 hours. Besides that, Instagram also features in-app video & photo editing. This feature can be used for on-the spot uploads. One more, Instagram also comes with in-app shopping that lets you connect with brands you like & browse new products for sale.


When talking about the most popular application in 2021, TikTok is undoubtedly the answer. Recently, TikTok is very popular around the world. The users are not only teens but also kids, adults, and old people. This app is built for creating & sharing short videos. Most genres on this platform are dancing and lip-syncing. However, many people also use it for creative short films. Today, TikTok has gone very mainstream.

A few things TikTok does right:

  • A highly-effective algorithm

It figures out what you want to see. It also keeps you coming back. Even though every social media also does this, TikTok is ‘sticky’ beyond belief. For your information, the average user spends 52 minutes per day on this app. 90 percent of the users access it daily.

  • Automatic filters

These make you look a little bit better looking on camera. It may not be the best for teaching body-positivity and self-acceptance. However, it really does drive engagement.

  • Duest feature

This feature lets you collaborate on different devices to make group videos. Because lip-syncing is all the rage on this app, it comes with videos in handy, where you add on to existing viral videos.

All of the apps above are available on both Android & iOS. Besides that, they all are also free to use. Besides those 3 app, there are still most popular apps 2021 such as Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, and WhatsApp where you must have all those apps on your own devices.