Today, Zoom becomes one of the most popular online platforms. It is used by almost everyone with any profession such as teachers, students, employees, and many more. In fact, Zoom is very useful as a ‘space’ to interact online that is safe, practical, and easy to use.

The users of Zoom Meeting are getting increased from day to day. The features offered are also more complete. You can find make up filters, Zoom Backgrounds, etc. that can support your work and professionalism. Now, Zoom is not only available on PC or laptop but also Smartphone, both android and iPhone. Of course, it eases the users to perform online meetings anywhere and anytime without requiring using hardware like laptops, PCs, etc.

One of the features that make using zoom more fun is that you can change the background. You can do it easily with a few simple steps.

  1. First of all, download Zoom app on your android Smartphone from Google Play Store.
  2. After that, click New Meeting or Join to Meeting that has been determined.
  3. When you have entered to Zoom Meeting, click ‘More’ at the right bottom.
  4. Then, click ‘Virtual Background’.
  5. For the next step, click image or photo background based on your desire.
  6. Now, wait for a few moments until the Zoom has finished processing uploading.
  7. For the last step, click ‘Close’ to go back to Zoom Meeting.

If you want to remove the background of the Zoom, you can go back to the ‘Virtual Background’ menu and then click ‘None’.

About Zoom

Zoom Video Communications, Inc. (Zoom) is a technology-communication company located in the center of San Jose, California, America. This app provides online chat and video telephony through peer-to-peer software platform with Cloud-based. This app can also be used for teleconferencing, telecommunication, long-distance education, and social relations.

Compared to the similar online conference apps, Zoom offers a few interesting features other apps don’t have. One of them is Virtual Background. Then, how to use this feature?

Tips to Change the Background on Zoom

There are a few tips you have to know before you change your background when using Zoom. First, you should use a laptop or PC to use this feature. It means you cannot do it on your Smartphone. Besides that, you can add a picture for the background. After you add the picture, it is better for you not to use it as the background. For the better result, it is better for you to use a plain cloth backdrop at the back. This will make the image look clearer and your face will not blend with the background.

Why should you change the background on Zoom? Of course, changing background will make the display much better. Besides that, changing background also aims to make your photo or face clearer. That is why it is better to choose and use the background that comes with a plain color.