The Body Battery health monitor feature on Garmin smartwatch first debuted in 2018, before the global pandemic happens. Today, this feature is actually very helpful for the users as an indicator of health in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. The function of Body Battery is to inform the users about what happens in the body. As it is known, there are so many people who are detected as asymptomatic patients & suffer from happy hypoxia until now.

There are still many people who are not are when their bodies are tired. However, they still insist on doing all the activities. With the feature of Body Battery, the users of Garmin will be able to recognize their bodies so that they can be wiser in planning the intensity of their activities.

That feature shows the indicator of energy or power possessed by the users by combining the data of activities, level of stress, time of recovery, and rest. Body Battery also has the ability to interpret the change of heart rate to know about the connection between the sympathetic nerves (nerves that are responsible for accelerating the work of body organs) with the parasympathetic nerves.

Even so, it is explained that the feature available on the Garmin Smartwatch cannot be used as a medical device so that it can only be used as an early indicator when the users would like to consult with doctors.

Body Battery first debuted on Garmin Vivosmart 4 series. Now, this Body Battery feature has been added in Garmin Forerunner 45, 55, 245, 745 & 945. Besides that, VIvoactive 4 as well as Garmin Venu 2 series, Instinct (Solar Series), Vivomove 3, Lily, Fenix 6 Series, and Approach S62 series has also come with that feature.

It is very easy for you to add Body Battery feature in the Garmin Smartwatch. The users just need to search for it in the Widget to add the Body Battery feature on the Smartwatch interface screen.

The Advantages of Garmin Body Battery Feature

Garmin provides various interesting features on some of their latest smartwatches, titled Body Battery. One of the best features is called Garmin that will ease the users to understand their body condition. With this feature, the users can be better in recognizing body so that we can be wiser in planning our daily activities and decide when to rest.

Besides the uses explained above, Garmin also explains that Body Battery can also be used as a reference so that people are aware of the condition of their body, especially when they are tired & vulnerable to disease. Of course, this is very useful in this Covid-19 pandemic.

This is very useful because there are so many people who are infected by Covid-19 without symptoms, and have symptoms called Happy Hypoxia. However, the users also need to know that the ups and downs of human’s Body Battery can be affected by different factors, including life style.