Free Fire is one of the most popular online mobile games today. However, Garena has released Free Fire (FF) Max that gives the players the more optimum experience of playing Free Fire. Now, FF Max can be downloaded by all gamers on Google Play Store & Apple App Store. This release can make some players confused with the excellence of Max.

Why Is FF Max Better Than Free Fire?

There are at least 3 reasons why FF Max is considered better compared to Free Fire. Here they are:

Firelink Technology

One of the best aspects of FF Max is that this game allows the players with Free Fire basic to enjoy the match with them. Besides that, lobbying and queues will be cross-platform between Free Fire & FF Max. So, it allows the players with weaker hardware to stay competitive with their friends. This cross-play is allowed because of the Firelink technology on FF Max.

New Features

FF Max comes with new exclusive features that can be enjoyed by mobile gamers. This game will support lobby 360 degree, where the players can use it to show the players’ cosmetic in the game. Besides that, Free Fire Max will also come with the Craftland mode that allows the players to create and upload their own maps. In this game, the players can also use Craftland room card and invite other friends to play the match on the map made by the players.

Improved Graphic Quality

One more, you need to know that this new game will come with Ultra-HD graphic to improve the experience of playing FF game for the players. It is not only limited to the graphic quality enhancement. However, Max will also add immersive sound effects to this game. Besides that, the animation will also be improved and the movements like running and jumping will seem smoother, too. In addition, weapon animation reloading has also been optimized for a better experience of gameplay.

What to Prepare before Installing FF Max?

Before downloading Max, it is better for you to pay attention to the storage memory of your Smartphone because this game comes with a big size. So, it requires a Smartphone with large internal memory capacity. The size of this game is 0.96 GB. That is why we recommend you to empty some spaces in your device or make sure that your device has enough free space before downloading and installing Free Fire Max.

Free Fire Max is designed exclusively to provide the premium experience of playing game in the battle royal. You can enjoy different modes of exciting game together with Free Fire players through its exclusive Firelink technology. You can feel the fight you have never felt before with the Ultra-HD resolution and amazing effects. In this game, you are required to attack, aim, and defend. There is only one purpose: survive to be the last one.