Oppo collaborates with the Esports Bigetron RA to be the partner and creates a collaboration of Oppo Reno6 Series x Bigetron Esports. Bigetron also participates in the PUBG Mobile game event, Oppo Reno6 Ultimate Gaming Battle where Oppo Reno6 becomes the main device used in the competition. Bigetron’s personnel tells a few features of Oppo Reno6 for gaming. One of them is RAM expansion. This feature allows the user to add the capacity of RAM, really needed when playing games.

The users can expand the RAM capacity by converting the part of internal memory (ROM) to be the virtual RAM. Oppo Reno6’s 8GB RAM can be expanded based on the users’ needs, from 2 GB, 3 GB, to 5 GB. This memory expansion can minimize any lag when playing games. That is why many gamers like this Smartphone so much.

Besides that, many gamers also like its Quick Startup feature. Quick Startup helps gamers to perform their actions to win games. Oppo Reno6’s Quick Startup works to keep players not missing any stage of games played. For example, when playing a game and the user accidentally presses ‘Home’ button, it brings the user to the device’s main screen. Sometimes, the user or player should open the game again and load the game from the beginning. This Quick Startup feature will bring the user/player to the last screen of the game played. So, the user/player doesn’t need to start the game again.

In addition, all the resources of the device will be focused on the game played, from the internet connection to the CPU performance.

Best Oppo Reno6’s Gaming Features

Oppo really optimizes gaming experience through Oppo Reno6. At least, there are 3 comprehensive features for gaming needs. Besides Quick Startup we have discussed above, there is also Game Focus Mode. If it is activated, the users will be able to block alarms, phone calls, notifications, etc. when playing games. So, this device will be like a gaming console and playing games will be much more enjoyable.

Moreover, Oppo Reno6 is also featured with Hyperboost 4.0 technology where it can make the gaming response much faster and smoother. Hyper Boost can improve the touch’s sensitivity & game responsiveness. Besides, it also reduces pause, enhances frame rates, and enhances scene loading time.

Oppo Reno6 Review

As a gaming Smartphone, Oppo Reno6 is more expensive than other devices in its class. However, its value is significant enough. So, even though it is an expensive device, this is valuable.

This Smartphone also comes with a nice and minimalist design. It doesn’t only make Oppo Reno6 look good but also feel good.

This gaming Smartphone certainly has a great and stable performance. Chipset optimization makes Oppo Reno6’s performance more stable. Combined with the latest ColorOS 11.1, this can be used for 2 different needs in a stable performance. Capturing photos and playing games become much smoother. Even though there’s no ‘gaming’ frills, Oppo Reno6 is recommended so much for gamers.