DJI OM4 is a foldable stabilizer designed to complete your smartphone. It allows you to start recording directly. It is magnetic and full of features that are easy to use so that it can be the best solution to share your world. It is a part of an expanding lineup of motorized smartphone video stabilizers with the new DJI Osmo Mobile OM4. It retains the same folding design as its predecessor. However, now it comes with 2 magnetic mounts. Therefore, you can attach & remove your smartphone quickly without requiring to pinch it & rebalance it between shots. One magnetic mount is a clamp wrapping around your smartphone, while the second one is attached to the back of the smartphone & doubles as a finger ring. Therefore, you will be able to grip it better with one hand.

About DJI OM4

DJI OM4 comes with a magnetic design. Besides portable, it is also foldable. Then, it also offers a few intelligent features such as Gesture Control, CloneMe Pane, DynamicZoom, Story Mode, and ActiveTrack 3.0. In addition, it also offers time for timelapse, motionlapse, and hyperlapse. Moreover, you will also find creative possibilities such as 3×3 Pano, 240-degree Pano, Slow Motion, and SpinShot Mode. Even more, it is also featured with enhanced controls including Standby Mode, Single-handed Control, Quick Roll, and Flashlight Mode.

DJI OM4 Specs

Starts from its dimension, it comes in 276 mm x 119.6 mm x 103.6 mm when unfolded and 163 mm x 99.5 mm x 46.5 mm when folded. Then, it weighs 390 g for gimbal, 32.6 g for magnetic phone clamp, and 11.4 g for magnetic ring holder.

For the battery, it uses 18650 Li-Ion 2450 mAh that requires 17.64 Wh and 7.2 V. For the charging time, it takes 2.5 hours. The battery can last up to 15 hours in ideal conditions. It uses USB-C for the charging port.

DJI OM4 Features

The front, it adds a few new features to perfect it. They include:

  • Dynamic Zoom

It was previously called Zoom Dolly. This feature works by zooming a subject digitally while going backward or zooming out when walking forward.

  • The Gimbal’s Spin Shot motion

This feature is useful to allow you to rotate the camera in a fun barrel roll effect even though the smartphone will not rotate a full 360 degrees because the gimbal only rotates so far.

  • Clone Me Panorama

This feature allows you to clone yourself or your friends so that you appear a few times in a single shot only.

The extraordinary moments in life deserve to be captured with smooth videos. Your smartphone is not enough because it needs a stabilizer. DJI OM4 comes as a foldable stabilizer designed to complement your phone. Then, it lets you start recording right away. OM4 can be considered as the ultimate solution to share your world. If you are interested in it, you can buy it inexpensively. In the box, you will find a few items that consist of DJI OM4, mini tripod, magnetic phone clamp, wrist strap , USB type-C, pouch, magnetic ring holder, user guide, and phone alignment guide.