To impress viewers, you have to make your videos as interesting as possible. In this case, you will need the best Video Edit Software. In this article, we will share a few video editing apps that can help you to create amazing videos. Video editing software can be either free or paid. So, you have to be careful to choose one.

Apple iMovie

This editing software comes with 10 high-fidelity filters. One of the most coveted features offered by iMovie is the green-screen/chroma-key tool. This feature lets you place your characters in exotic locations. This software also directly ties in with GarageBand and iTunes. Therefore, you will be able to implement custom tracks & sounds easily. Other standout features include audio & social platform integration and seamless Apple product integration. This software is free with the purchase of a Mac.

Lumen5: How to Edit Videos without Much Technical Ability

It is a tool running blog posts into social promotions. With this tool, you will be able to drag & drop some gifs, video clips, or screengrabs. Besides, it also allows you to add some music. This tool is also useful where your engaging social videos will be ripe for Twitter and Facebook. The most standout features include drag-and-drop interface and blog-to-social-promo creation. When it comes to pricing, you can create 480p videos as many as you want with the free version. Alternatively, you can consider upgrading to 1080p HD by paying for 50 dollars per month for Video Edit Software.

Nero Video

Nero Video belongs to the most inexpensive options around for only about 49.99 dollars. It features a lot of tricks & effects that you will find among other products vying for video editing supremacy. If you want to spend money to learn how to edit videos, you should steer clear. This software does not have the speed & functionality of some other products listed here. Anyway, $50 is not all that cheap for this Video Edit Software. However, the low pricing makes many people interested to use this software for editing videos.

Corel VideoStudio

This Video Edit Software offers 360-degree VR & 4K support. It comes with a feature that lets you track specific objects throughout your cut. This video editing software boasts one of the best motion tracking systems. There are many advantages of this software. One of them is its speed. If you are interested in it, you just need to pay for 51.99 dollars for one-time payment.

Filmora from Wondershare

When talking about video editing software, Filmora can be considered as multi-faceted. It offers standard, simple & high-quality video editing. Wondershare offers FilmoraGo, too. It is designed for mobile editing. Besides, there is also Filmora Scrn that is designed for screen recording & editing. This video editing software comes with an intuitive & easy to use design, filters, transitions, motion elements, overlays, and some royalty-free music.

Some of the most standout features offered by this software include ‘Easy Mode’, mobile & screen editing, and title tool. For the pricing, it starts at 59.99 dollars for a lifetime license or 39.99 dollars for a year. Overall, it is still considered one of the best Video Edit Software for you all.