When you are required to measure distance, you will need a tape measure or a ruler. Now, measuring distance is much easier and more practice. You just need to use a measurement app iPhone. There are many tools you can find but we will only share the best options.

Distance Measure

If you would like to measure large-scale distances, this iPhone app can be an excellent choice. With this app, you will be able to measure the distance between cities or even countries. This iPhone app is able to read in satellite maps from online. With this app, you will be able to set waypoints between locations. Then, you will get the distance in a simple way. Distance Measure supports both metric measurements in meters & kilometers as well as the imperial standard with feet & miles. This app is available for iPhone for free.


This measurement app makes distance measurement easier with your iPhone’s AR capabilities. This app lets you look at any object through the camera lens and get an accurate length measurement. It means you can use this app for small objects to large objects. Even more, it can be used to measure someone’s height. While the measurements can be a bit noisy, the convenience factor is very important. You can download this app for your iPhone for free. For height/width measurements, it costs 5.99 dollars.

Ruler AR

This measurement software is interesting as it takes the EasyMeasure idea of an AR Ruler and develops it in a very interesting direction. This measurement app essentially tries to replicate the experience of using a tapa measurement on an iPhone. As we all know, a tape measure allows you to decide where the start & ending points of measurements are. Now, it can be done much easier with Ruler AR. It features the camera pointed where you want. Then, you just need to select the points between which your want measurement. Simply, you will get it. Even though it is available for free, you should pay for 1.99 dollars to enjoy its Pro features.

Ruler App + AR Tape Measure

This measurement software is considered as one of the best tools in the world. AR measurement tools are impressive. However, it may be hard to set them up. They can give you inaccurate readings, especially in low light. On the other side, standard ruler tools are also good. However, they are only good for measuring objects that are smaller than your screen. Then, this app comes with both options. If you want to measure a small object, you should use the ruler function. For something larger, just simply use the AR tape measure, as well as your camera & AR capabilities. It is free with Premium Pro option. The Premium Pro option costs 7.99 dollars.

After paying attention to top options of measurement apps above, we can see that they come with different features. Of course, each of them also has its own pros and cons. It is not easy to decide which one is best for you. It should be based on your needs.