If you want to grow your business, custom software is needed. However, you should choose the best software development company carefully. Software development companies assist businesses to build everything from websites & mobile apps in order to customer software platforms so that they meet your needs. Some large companies rely on the software development companies’ expertise to build applications & software for their needs and for their customers.

Top Software Development Companies in 2021

There are so many Software Development Company offering end-to-end & specialized services for any business. The following list is based on consulting & team development services, specialization, reputation, etc. Below are some best options that help your business:


Its professional Software Development Company helps the healthcare, transportation, education, telecommunications, retail, finance, banking & logistics industries. Its clients include Nestle, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Leo Burnett, Deloitte, eBay, and IBM. It offers software development outsourcing in order to support business growth & digital transformation. Besides, it also offers custom software development for 500 companies. In addition, it lists software product development for desktop & mobile and also Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products.

The company becomes an innovative leader in the fields of augmented & virtual reality, computer vision, Internet of Things (IoT), big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. It is the creator of Viber that has more than 900 million users. It uses a combination of fixed price, consumption-based, time & material, as well as monthly subscription pricing models.


It specializes in custom software engineering. The top services offered include DevOps, UI & UX, and also mobile apps development. The company uses a boutique-style methodology for customized approaches helping build long-term partnerships with its client. It uses a 5-step software development roadmap that starts with offering the clients access to the top-tier team of engineers. It also offers quality assurance services & has tested complex enterprise software. The company can hire dedicated development teams & provide strategic IT consulting to assist clients to digitalize operations & implement new techs.


It specializes in business intelligence, web development, custom software, and AI. It also specializes in online video management, such as video conferencing systems, over-the-top streaming media tech, as well as multi-screen apps for top clients like Discovery Communications, Telecom Argentina, Vodafone, MIT & Google.

It offers some engagement models to meet its clients’ needs in Software Development Company. The first is project-based that comes with fixed bids, a detailed release roadmap, and a clear project scope. Anyway, its team-based model assists its clients to bring in highly specialized talent quickly & save on recruitment costs.


This is a digital product agency that offers mobile, custom software, web, and mobile app development. It can draw on the best talent in the US & can collaborate with ease digitally. It specializes in training & support, project management, testing & QA, engineering, and product strategy & design. The company serves various industries such as entertainment, manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, IT, retail, and financial.

It is a full-service software development company that offers every aspect of digital product development such as full-stack engineering, product design, and product strategy. The company puts a great focus on superior UI bolstered by smart usability scrupulous coding.