HTML editor free assists you to design webs without requiring technical/design skills. It helps you to code without worries. Even if you don’t understand the principles of HTML coding, you can add texts & images simply, as well as adjust your web page structure with a drag-n-drop WYSIWYG HTML editor tool. With these tools, you can create webs at a faster rate & avoid minor errors with help of auto code completion & syntax correction. The best HTML editors will be listed below.

Alboom Prosite

If you want to create a secure web with SSL encryption, Alboom Prosite is excellent for you. It is an online HTML editor that assists you to create custom forms, landing pages & entire webs from scratch. The web building tool can be used to simplify web navigation for your customers & capture leads from in-built forms. It also assists you to update sections with a text editor, make changes to your web, as well as optimize it for mobile phones.

In addition, it allows you to integrate platforms of social media on the web to make it easier for customers to share contents. This software features HTTPS security & SSL encryption for your web to make it secure for visitors. One more, it comes with email & chat support. It is web-based, too.

The key features include reporting & analytics, landing page builder, drag-n-drop web builder, real-time editing, form builder, and customizable templates. What makes it great is that it comes with free trial & free version.


If you are looking for a free HTML editor that uses AI to optimize & update webs automatically, Bookmark suits your needs. It assists you to create webs & landing pages. It takes user search queries into account & auto-builds the first version of your web based on the result. With this tool, you will be able to make real-time changes to your web with a drag-n-drop HTML text editor that doesn’t require design skills. In addition, based on your business goals, the AI-based tool updates the layout of your web automatically.

It also assists you to build an integrated blog on your web you can use to share success stories & testimonials from customers. It also lets you add translation & SEO widgets that help localize your web & increase its rank on search engines. The key features include real-time editing, online store builder, drag-n-drop editor, pre-built templates, landing form/pages, and auto web update. Free trial and free version are available.


This tool provides various web templates. It is a web creation & editing software for both beginners & expert web designers. It comes with pre-built web templates & HTML code editor that can be used to build a web. It comes with a built-in desktop & mobile web editor for customizing & optimizing your web across devices. It also offers an analytics dashboard tracking web traffic & user behavior. It keeps tracking your most visited pages, too, based on SERP evaluation.

This HTML editor free offers chat, phone, and email support. It is web-based & has an app for android & iOS devices. Available in free trial and free version, its key features include survey builder, online booking tools, drag-n-drop editor, SEO management, landing pages, and data import.