Email belongs to the most popular communication media. It is a service we often use every day. There are so many email services & apps accompanying them. Some of them have a single account on something like Yahoo, Outlook, or Gmail. The individual app can give you the better experience. if you look for something new, you should find the best email app for android. That is what we will discuss here.

Blue Mail

It belongs to the most famous email apps you can find today. It supports various clients including Office 365, Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail & virtually other POP3, IMAP, or Exchange clients. It comes with different notification settings for each email account. Besides, it offers some fun stuff such as a dark theme, configurable menus, and Android Wear support. In addition, it has a few smart features. This email app is very powerful and 100% free. Since it uses its own servers, there is a potential issue of privacy. However, most likely will not mind.


This is not an email client. However, it is a helpful app for email users. Basically, this Email App for Android assists you to unsubscribe from the large number of things you may ended up subscribed to. Here, you can connect your email account to it. Then, it runs through & finds your subscriptions. After that, it unsubscribes you from them if you want. Besides, it deletes old emails from the subscriptions, too. In addition, it helps you to manage things in other ways. Anyway, it is a free email app and really not hard to use. Most complaints relate to bugs. However, it does what it can & it works for most.


This one is a bit of a cheap pick when it comes to an email app. Gmail comes pre-installed on most androids. So, you may have it already. It supports multiple accounts, multiple inbox settings, etc. It also supports most email services like Ms. Outlook, Yahoo, etc. Moreover, it supports a unified inbox and Material Design, and others. In addition, the team added a bunch of Inbox by Google features before the client was taken down. Anyway, we can conclude that it can be considered as a perfect choice for most folks.

K-9 Mail

Belongs to the oldest email app, many people enjoy K-9 Mail because of its minimal interface, unified inbox, and np BS experience. This email app supports most POP3, IMAP & Exchange 2003/2007 accounts. What you see is what you get. The user interface is not overly inspiring. However, this Email App for Android makes up for it by not having quirky features that half work only. It is old school & reliable. K-9 Mail is open source, too. You are able to build it yourself or contribute to the community from Github. Definitely, it is not flashy. But it is lightweight & functional. It is also 100% free.

We cannot mention all email apps. Anyway, all the mail apps above are recommended so much. Besides free, they also have many advantages. So, if you are looking for the best email app for android, just feel free to choose one of them.