For beginners, it is a good idea to look for free drawing software to create the masterpiece. Today, you can find powerful drawing software that offers lots of capabilities and plenty more tools. Even more, some of them come for free. Some tools are designed for serious illustrators and some others are ideal for keeping kids occupied without the mess of real paintings.

Best 2021 Free Drawing Software


This is top-quality drawing app that is really free for you all. It supports Linux, macOS, and Windows. You should consider this because it comes with well-designed brushes & tools, handy drawing aids, and accessible interface. For your information, Krita is a professional-quality drawing app designed by a team of artists. It aims to put top-notch creative tools that reach everyone.

Actually, Krita is best for manga & comics it can be used for any type of drawing & illustration. You will find panel templates, perspective tools, and halftone filters. Besides, it also features pens, fills, and brushes. Each brush is completely customizable and your bespoke can be saved to be used again later.

Krita comes with handy drawing aids to create straight lines, vanish points, and smooth shapes. You can also use advanced selection functions, HDR support, various transform tools, masks, and layers. Anyway, Krita belongs to a powerful drawing program that is easy to use.

Artweaver Free

If you are looking for a realistic traditional media that comes with various brushes, you can use this software. It is recommended so much because of the child-friendly interface, layer support, and realistic media.

This software enables you to create realistic digital drawing beautifully by taking input from your stylus, a mouse, or whatever you feel like tapping the screen with & applying realistic brush effects.

Besides familiar brushes, this app also features various patterns & pens that enable you to produce complex images with less efforts. This software is also layer-based so that you will be able to build up your masterpiece in layers without losing the capability to change anything.

This drawing app is designed for any age of artists. However, this is also useful & helpful for kids. As we know, kids like experimenting with different brushes. We also don’t have to clean up any mess afterwards.

Microsoft Paint 3D

This option is for you who want a kid-friendly art software that is useful for creating & painting 3D models. It can only be used on Windows. This software can convert drawings to 3D models. Besides, it also comes with various options of paint effects. Unfortunately, its 3D effects are quite basic.

This free drawing software features drawing tools for doodling on a flat canvas. But the real fun occurs when clicking the 3D Objects button. You are allowed to pick a model to import or draw your own shape & ‘inflate’ it to turn it into a 3-dimensional model which can be rotated & viewed from various angles. You can prefer a finish for your shape such as polished metal, dull metal, gloss, or matte. You may also paint its surface as well as apply lighting effects. Overall, Microsoft Paint 3D is a great fun for children of all ages.