Talking about technology, sometimes it is better to get back to basics. Even though we can find so many high-tech mobile phones that come with endless features, some of us may want a simpler experience of using a phone. That is what a flip phone offers to us. When it comes to a flip phone, Alcatel is leading. The quality of Alcatel flip phone is undoubted. There are many options available so that you need to find the best one.

Alcatel Go Flip 3

We can consider it as the best overall flip phone among other brands and series. This flip phone combines the best of worlds: the simplicity of a flip mobile phone and the advanced Smartphone features. Besides that, you will get it at a cheap price if it is paired with one of the senior plans of T-Mobile.

Alcatel Go Flip 3 comes with the classic clamshell design. Inside, it is equipped with a 2.8” screen that displays numbers and texts clearly & brightly. Besides, its long-lasting battery should also be appreciated as it can last more than 2 weeks on standby. To purchase it, you should only spend 100 dollars that can be paid through installments or upfront.

There are some plans that are compatible with this flip phone. T-Mobile’s Unlimited 55+ plans give you unlimited data, text, and talk. These plans start from 27.50 dollars per month. You will also have access to features like mobile hotspot usage, in-flight Wi-Fi, international calling & protection from telephone scams. It depends on which plan you choose.

This flip phone is recommended so much because of some reasons. We really love its long battery life, large tactile buttons, smart features, and low cost. In shorts, this flip phone is ideal for anyone who wants a simple mobile phone with internet access. Other virtue of this flip phone is its size where it is small enough to be used with one hand only. You will also like its classic design, 4G network compatibility, hearing aid compatibility, voice commands, large screen, 4GB internal memory, and intuitive menus. The only bad thing is its low-definition camera.

Alcatel Go Flip V 4051S Verizon 4G LTE

Another option of the best flip phone from Alcatel is Alcatel Go Flip V 4051S Verizon 4G LTE. You can enjoy excellent quality of calls on this classic flip phone with its 4G LTE network. In addition, it allows you to share your connection with up to 10 devices via mobile hotspot. Besides that, it also comes with large backlit keys & easy-to-navigate features such as dedicated text & camera buttons so that this flip phone is really to use.

Then, this Alcatel flip phone is equipped with a 2.8” internal display that is great for reading phone numbers, text messages, and emails or checking your contacts, calendar, etc.  One more, it offers a compact & durable design that keeps your screen & buttons protected while in your pocket, purse, or bag. Now, it is your decision to choose which one is the most ideal flip phone for you.