Many beautiful & expensive smartphones are available today. They offer excellent experience to users. The fact is that there are many people who spend a lot of money just for purchasing a phone. So, it is very interesting to know about the most expensive phone.

Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond ($48.5 Million)

This is surely the most Expensive Phone you can find in the world today. It is manufactured by US luxury brand: Falcon. This beautiful flat phone comes with a pink diamond located at the back. It is reasonable that the diamond makes it the best phone so far.

This iPhone also comes with expensive elements made platinum, 24-carat gold & rose gold. If this is too expensive, Falcon offers a more affordable option with an orange diamond at $42.5 million or a blue diamond at $32.5 million)

 iPhone 4s Elite Gold ($9.4 Million)

Stuart Hughes manufactures one of the most expensive smartphones named iPhone 4s Elite Gold. This luxury smartphone can be purchased at $9.4 million. That price makes it the most expensive smartphone produced by Stuart Hughes so far.

This iPhone is made of rose gold and comes with more than 500 individual flawless diamonds that total up to 100ct. these elements help iPhone 4s Elite Gold achieve the second rank when it comes to the most expensive smartphone around the world.

On the rear, you will find 24ct gold paired with the 24ct gold Apple logo as well as 53 diamonds. In addition, this luxury iPhone offers 64 GB memory as well as a limited edition of only 2 to be ever made.

iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition ($8 Million)

The third most Expensive Phone available today is iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition where it costs $8 million. This is produced by Stuart Hughes, too. What makes it very expensive is that this iPhone is made of rose gold with more than 500 diamonds worth more than 100ct.

You will find 53 diamonds on the logo of Apple on the back that contribute to the expensive price. In addition, it comes with 32 GB memory as well as a limited edition of only 2 to be ever made.

Goldstriker iPhone 3GS Supreme ($3.2 Million)

This is the 4rth most expensive smartphone in the world. For your information, it is manufactured by Stuart Hughes, an Australian businessman, in Liverpool.

Even though this iPhone 3GS Supreme is more expensive compared to the iPhone 3G Kings, they are similar. What make it the 4rth most expensive smartphone ahead of iPhone 3G Kings are 71 grams of 22-carat gold and 1036 diamonds.

Hughes took 10 complete months to manufacture this shining iPhone 3GS Supreme so that it becomes one of the most expensive and best-quality smartphones available in the world so far.

iPhone 3G Kings Button ($2.5 Million)

In the 5th rank, the most Expensive Phone goes to iPhone 3G Kings Button. Peter Alisson, and Australian jeweler, manufactured this simple expensive iPhone.

Belongs to top 10 most expensive smartphones in the world, this iPhone is made from solid 18-carat yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold.

The body of the phone is rounded with a glittering design of almost 140 best-quality-cut diamonds. Besides that, this iPhone also comes with a ‘Home’ button that is made from a 6.6-carat diamond, that attracts many people on the phone.

Diamond Crypto Smartphone ($1.3 Million)

For the next most Expensive Phone, there is Diamond Crypto Smartphone. It is considered as one of the most secured smartphones available in the world because of its encrypted voice & SMS communication. This is a quality that makes Diamond Crypto Smartphone so expensive & be ranked as one of the top 10 most expensive smartphones around the world.

For your information, the whole system in this phone is encrypted, that gives it more security & edges over other smartphones.

Belongs to one of the most expensive smartphones, it is made from18-carat rose gold. When it comes to the memory, it offers 64GB RAM. It is also equipped with a battery with 1350 mAh capacity.

Because of the expensive price, it has many cryptographic characteristics, making it unique & helped it ranked as one of the top 10 most expensive smartphones. These include a key distribution method, a crypto algorithm with symmetric 256-bit, essential power of 1107, encryption button, crypto e-mail, crypto SMS, cryptophone call, and decryption processor.

Goldvish Le Million ($1 Million)

This is also reasonable to be considered as one of the most expensive smartphones found in the world. This beautiful expensive diamond smartphone was manufactured by Goldvis, the Swedish company, in 2006.

Its quality makes this phone considered as the seventh most expensive mobile phone. It features a 2.0MP rear camera where its resolution is 1600×1200 pixels.

This expensive phone also comes with a 2GB internal memory as well as a 950 mAh battery capacity. This beautiful phone is available in different colors including Gold, White, Rose, and Yellor.

Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot ($1 Million)

This is such a simple Expensive Phone that many people may doubt the function. Anyway, it belongs to the most expensive phones you can find in the world in 2021.

It comes with a body that compromises 1,080 grams of gold as well as black diamonds, each with 45.5 carats. Besides that, this phone also has an expensive element.

Its keypad is made from 17 manually polished & laser etched sapphires that weigh 32kg. Because of its expensive price, there are only 3 units produced.

Actually, there are still many other expensive smartphones you can find. Anyway, having the most expensive phone can make your outing & vacation much more enjoyable. Then, you can keep records of your tours & holidays just with your own expensive phone. Aside from videos & pictures, quality phones are needed for better performance regarding the software. People sometimes complete their task with phones while away from laptops & can do that only with a quality mobile phone. The list of expensive phone above will help you to meet your activities. So, which one do you like most?