Controlling your Apple TV using a Smartphone is possible. You just need a remote TV app for Apple TV. A remote TV app may not work with all TVs. But I you choose the best one for your needs; you can operate your own TV, set-top boxes, smart home devices, etc.

Android TV Remote Control

This app belongs to an official Google product. It can be used to control any Android TV that is on the same network of Wi-Fi as your Smartphone. If you’re TV uses a wired Ethernet connect with Bluetooth as long as your Android TV box supports it. This remote TV comes with both D-pad & touched controls. You will be able to search with your voice. You just need to tap on the microphone icon. It works with all Android TV boxes. Even more, it can be downloaded for free for both Android and iOS.

Amazon Fire TV Remote

This TV remove can control the device with a combination of touchpad & voice controls. In addition, there is a handy text entry tool. This will save you from painstakingly typing every website address/YouTube search query with the on-screen keyboard of the Fire TV. It displays all your Fire TV applications in a single list for a quick launching. If you have many Fire TV devices, the TV remote app makes it easy to jump between the units. This app can be used on both iOS and Android.


This app makes a mobile version of the physical TV remote. This app is available on both iOS and android for free. It is also as full-featured as its physical cousin. You will find on-screen buttons for The Roku Channel, Netflix & other Roku applications. In addition, you can privately listen via headphones. Besides, it supports voice search, too. Even more, you can directly cast content from your iOS device with the mobile app. This app can be gotten for free on both iOS & android.

Universal Remote TV Smart

The next recommended remote TV app is Universal Remote TV Smart. This is an iOS-only app. It can be used to control different models of TV from all popular manufacturers such as Hitachi, Panasonic, Philips, Sony, LG, and Samsung. It is very straightforward to set up. Since the app is on the same network of Wi-Fi as your TV, it will detect any TVs automatically on your network. It lets you change the volume of your Apple TV, access settings menus & other on-screen elements, as well as change the channels, power on/off & play/pause video. Downloading this app is free.

All-in-One Universal TV Remotes

TV remote control applications are handy to use. If the batteries run out or you misplace the physical device, those apps can get you out of a bind even the best apps are not close to the best all-in-one universal TV remotes in functionality. Now, controlling an Apple TV will be much easier using one of the remote TV apps for Apple TV above.