Solidworks are sold worldwide through a large network of certified value-added resellers. Soldworks resellers provide additional services, ongoing support, and product training. In this article, we will focus on discussing solidworks price.

How to Choose a Solidworks Solution

Choosing the right 3D design solution depends on the specific needs of the company and use case. Solidworks offers different options to select from with various features at different price points.

  1. Solidworks Standard

As the entry-level 3D CAD product, users of solidworks standard benefit from the ease of use & improved productivity. It can be used to create parametric parts, production-level drawings, and assemblies. It is also useful to generate complex surfaces, structural weldments, and sheet metal flat patterns.

  1. Solidworks Professional

It builds on the capabilities of the standard product. This is beneficial for better productivity such as visualization, costing, Solidworks Toolbox, Design Checker, etc. That is why it is a good idea for companies to choose this one.

  1. Solidworks Premium

Solidworks premium is the flagship product. It integrates advance wire, pipe routing functionality, CAD productivity tools, point cloud data import, product data management, motion, simulation, and 3D design in a single, inexpensive easy-to-use package. With it, you can go from concept to virtual prototype quicker than you ever thought possible with your desired quality with an easy-to-use app.

To assist make the most informed decision of which is best for you, you should take a dep look at the features included in every solution in the Solidworks Product Matrix. If you want to collaborate with team members across geography & departments, make sure to check our 3DExperience Solidworks packages combining the industry-leading functionality of Solidworks CAD with secure, cloud-based data management & collaboration tools.

What Is the Price of Solidworks?

How much do Solidworks & Subscription Services? The basic solidworks costs 3,995 dollars. The annual subscription service price, that covers technical support, upgrades & more for a year, is 1,295 dollars.

Kinds of Solidworks Licenses

  1. Commercial Licenses

Companies of all sizes will need integrated solutions to assist them innovate & develop their business. Solidworks are easy to learn & use as well as work together to assist you to design products more cost-efficiently, faster, and better.

  1. Academia Licenses

This solidworks education edition offers the complete CAD teaching tools to schools, featuring interactive courseware, certification full curriculum, and software.

  1. Research Licenses

It gives the latest in engineering tech to researchers with no restrictions for use in patent applications, intellectual property transfer, industry-funded projects, and publications. In addition, there is no educational watermark that lets you present your work clearly.

  1. Entrepreneurs & Startup Licenses

This program offers training, software & co-marketing resources for free to assist you succeed.

Advantages of Solidworks Subscription

You can actually purchase Solidworks without a subscription but yearly solidworks subscription will include free certification exams, new versions, upgrades, supports & free training to improve your productivity and performance with a 3D design experience. After you know about Solidworks price, you can decide to purchase a subscription or not. Anyway, if you want to get complete benefits of solidworks, you should consider a subscription.