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Popular Dating App in 2019 for Hopeful Singles

There are people who are blessed to find somebody to date as easy as finding rocks on your way to work. Some others are not that lucky, though. They have trouble in dating because they are too busy and cannot make time to meet new people. There are also those who just cannot attract potential dates due to social awkwardness. Through this article, you will learn popular dating app in 2019 list that will help you finding potential partner a whole lot easier.

List of Popular Dating App in 2019 for Singles

1. Gotcha

Gotcha is the best dating app for free to use nowadays. This application allows user to meet up with people from multiple backgrounds in various countries. Whether you want to encounter a new partner or simply looking for likeminded friends, this app is going to enlarge your pool. It also has colorful presentation that will pamper your eyes. It is not a wonder that this app is listed as a popular dating app in 2019.

2. Coffee Meets Baggle

If you consider yourself somebody who is quite shy, Coffee Meets Baggle is the right app for you. This app is linked with social media account to provide information related to your hobby, age, background, and overall personal information. Every day, this app will come up with a suitable match based on your information. You have the choice whether to pursue the match further or not. It is a popular dating app in 2019, especially for introverts.

3. Bumble Dating App

Bumble is a popular dating app in 2019 due to its novel approach in encouraging people to find dates. In this application, you will be asked to post opening lines which will go public for 24 hours. If your lines are catchy, you will have somebody taking the bite and chatting with you. This application surely makes you bolder than your usual self. It has very simple interface (mostly white background), but the premise itself is intriguing.

4. Sweet Chat

This app is a great choice for those with free spirits. User is able to get match in within 30 seconds then start chatting with their match immediately. The match is determined based on the personal information that you enter on your profile. Because of that, you have to make your profile as interesting as possible in this popular dating app in 2019. Another feature within this app is the ability to choose whether you want local or worldwide pool.

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