If you want to make money easily, there are many apps that provide plenty of avenues you can consider. With your smartphone, you can take surveys, sell unwanted stuff, pick up side gig, etc. Below are some of the best money earning apps you can try.


First Money Earning Apps is allows you to earn cash back on online and in-store purchases at more than 1,500 brands & retail chains. The products include pet supplies, entertainment, clothing, and many more. Sometimes, you are required to completed an extra task like taking a poll or watching a video. There are 3 ways to earn cash back in stores:

  1. Buy a retailer gift card from the app
  2. Link your retailer loyalty accounts
  3. Add offers & submit your receipt in this app

The payment can be through gift card, PayPal, or direct transfer to a bank account. This app allows you to get cash back quickly on in-store purchases, usually within 24 hours. It also offers up to 20 dollars welcome bonus, various payment methods, and referral bonusses.


Formerly known as Ebates, Rakuten rewards shoppers with up to 40-percent cash back on purchases from popular retailers, food delivery services, and restaurants. You can also earn cash back on gift cards, travel, etc.

  1. Create an account first.
  2. Tap on your desired deal in the app.
  3. Make the transaction from the portal.

to earn cash back in-store, you can also link a debit or credit card to your Rakuten account. Money Earning Apps usually takes a few hours, or even several days. The payment methods include check and PayPal. In the app, you can find thousands of purchases and stores that are eligible for cash back. Therefore, you should find deals where you shop. Even more, you can earn sign-up & referral bonuses, too.


It is a cash-back & rewards app. With this app, you can earn points, named ‘SB’ by playing games, watching videos, taking polls, shopping, etc. Then, you are allowed to redeem your points for gift cards. You can also get cash back to your PayPal account. You have to keep in mind that the minimum balance needed to redeem vary. It depends on the payment method you select. However, some gift cards are available for 140 SB. For your information, the total points awarded may vary by tasks. Surveys are usually worth around 40 – 200 SB.

The payment options include PayPal and Gift card. This money-making app offers some easy ways to earn money or rewards. There is no waiting period for you to cash in. Usually, payments arrive within 10 business days after redemption. Besides that, you can get a bonus of 10 dollars with a qualifying 25 dollars purchase when you join it.

Those are some of the most recommended money earning apps you should try. All of them are available for android and iOS. Each of them has its own pros and cons. So, you should pay attention to its features carefully and compare them to decide which app you should use for earning money.