The name changing from Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) to eFootball and its availability for free do not make eFootball 22 get welcomed well.  Only a few days after being released, the successor of PES got many negative reviews from its fans. There are many netizens who mock its graphic quality. They consider that the game graphic of eFootball 2022 is ‘very horrible’.

Negative Reviews from Its Fans

Some of them prefer the previous graphic in PES compared to eFootball 22. For your information, eFootball has switched to a free-to-play mode. As we know, the franchise so far uses a yearly paid release model like EA Sports and FIFA. This game has been able to be played on a few platforms, including PC from September 30th, 2021. A day later, there were 10,778 reviews given by its fans and most of them are negative reviews.

There are only about 9% that give positive reviews. Thousands of users show various mocks & disappointments to the successor of PES. The statistic of the review is so obvious so that the status becomes ‘overwhelmingly negative’. Of course, it is not a good thing for Konami that wants to give updates on its football game.

Most complaints usually relate to its bad graphic where the players’ necks look very weird and the gameplay change is worse. And there are still some other complains from its fans.

The list of complaints is ironical enough as Konami has allowed the upgraded graphic quality and the latest gameplay before. There are many fans who give harsh words to express their disappointment after waiting for ‘full game’ for 2 years.

Even more, there are some people who said that Konami went bankrupt. Some other people say that Konami fool their fans. In addition, some fans also express that this is the worst football game ever and it looks like a joke. The ball seems to weight 100 kilograms. The contact between players is chaotic. This is very embarrassing. PES is much better before.

The graphic looks stilted. We can say that Konami added unnecessary extras. Without a doubt, many people consider that eFootball 2022 will be the worst game in 2022.

When this article is being written and posted, there are still many other fans who give bad reviews and memes about eFootball 2022 on social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and many more.

Pros and Cons

There are a few pros of eFootball 2022. First, it comes with a free-to-play model that makes this game very potential. Besides that, there are also some occasional moments of dribbling brilliance. However, you can also find some cons. One of them is that it is a demo in all except name. Besides, it comes with broken animations & baffling bugs. Another con is the wonky AI on both sides of the ball. PES took 2 years to create the free-to-play eFootball 2022. People expect that it will be heroic. It is, indeed, heroic for all the wrong reasons.