If you want to gain new insight into your sleeping trends & habits over time, it is a great way to consider using a sleep app for Apple Watch. With the watchOS 7 release, Apple, for the first time, added native sleep tracking support officially to the Apple Watch. Now, let’s see the most recommended Apple Watch sleep tracking apps, comparing first-party solution of Apple with the competition.

Native Apple Watch Sleep Tracking

Now, Apple Watch officially supports sleep tracking without requiring a 3rd-party app. Apple ties Apple Watch sleep-tracking capabilities in with a few iPhone features like Wind Down & Wake Up for a seamless cross-device experience.

On the Apple Watch, there is a new Sleep app and a Sleep Mode hiding your usual watch face as well as instead showing the current time, and what time your alarm is set for. Besides, it disables features (e.g. raise-to-wake), too. Therefore, your watch face is not lighting up in the midnight.

You can go to the Health App on iPhone or the Sleep app on Apple Watch to view the data of sleep tracked by the Apple Watch. Here, the actual data is limited. Simply, Apple shows your time asleep, and a range for your heart rate. That is where 3rd-party apps are still useful. They can offer more data compared to Apple’s native implementation.

What about Battery Life?

It is also important to plan for when you will charge your watch. Here, there are 2 main options: before bed & in the morning after you wake up. It is easier to charge before bed. So, you can make sure that your Apple Watch has enough battery during workout tracking. You can also consider having the extra Apple Watch charger on the desk of your workspace.

Best Sleep Apps for Apple Watch to Consider

Probably, AutoSleep is the most popular Apple Watch sleep tracking. This Sleep App provides most in-depth data, including a detailed look at deep sleep, heart rate, sleep quality, sleep, etc. This app comes with a system of rings to assist you to monitor those key statistics. The primary interface shows your rings for bpm, deep sleep, sleep quality, and sleep. This data comes at a cost but its interface can feel a little bit overwhelming after you dive into the available data. This app has a perfect Apple Watch app that makes it easy to get a quick look at the current sleep data. You will also find a ‘readiness’ core attempting to predict how ready you are for the day according to your sleep for the night. On the App Store, this app is available for 3,99 dollars.

Another best option is Sleep++ where it comes with sleep goals, bedtime reminders, and automatic sleep detection. The main interface shows a detailed look at your sleep habits on the past few days. It also offers data on sleep phases, cycles, trends, etc. You can also look at a detailed timeline of your sleep, like when you’re awake, restless, and restful, with a look at when your ‘best sleep’ happened. The good news is that this sleep app for Apple Watch is free.