Project management software is very helpful for you not only to manage work but also to set targets & deadlines as well as keep track of projects. In the past, people used sheets of paper and a pencil to plan out tasks. It took hours to track projects. It was very frustrating. Now, managing projects is much easier using certain software. Even more, you can find free project management software. This will be great for you who want to manage projects with limited budgets. However, you have to make sure that you use the software that meets your needs. In this article, we will highlight best options for you.

Free Project Management Software: Airtable

This software can be a good tool because it comes with more than 200 pre-designed templates. It is cloud collaboration & project management tool that eases you plan & organize your projects and set a roadmap for you & your team. Assists you to distribute projects based on use cases. It also features advanced filtering & sorting options you can use to arrange unlimited tasks based on your preference. In addition, this tool offers built-in apps like an email marketing tool, webpage designer, and a scheduler.

Moreover, it allows you to automate routine tasks like sending & approving projects request, processing bills & invoices, and also scheduling team meetings. Available for both android and iOS services, this software offers chat, email, and phone support. With free trial & free version, it comes with a few key features including campaign planning, brand management, brainstorming, asset categorization, alerts/notifications, and agile methodologies.

Free Project Management Software: Asana

If you are looking for a free project management tool that comes with a focus mode & individual task lists, Asana is an excellent choice. It can be a solution that is very helpful to manage your daily tasks & plan strategic initiatives. Besides, this software is also helpful to bring your team to collaborate on projects & track independent assignments on one platform. With this too, you will be able to track the progress with your projects & assign tasks to your creative team’s individual members. Then, it is helpful to map out goals & set deadlines. Therefore, you will be able to stay on schedule.

Asana allows you to submit work request & review the status of their completion. In addition, it features integration with 3rd-party communication, payment, as well as cloud storage tools, making it easy to access client data and important files in one place. Then, this tool offers chat and email support for customers. It offers a mobile app for android and iOS devices, too. The key features include bug tracking, budget management, backlog management, audit trial, approval workflow, and agenda management.

Free Project Management Software: Basecamp

This is appropriate for you who look for a project management tool that creates automatic check-ins for teams. It is designed for small businesses, creative teams, and freelancers. It assists you to organize your projects in one place & split the work between team members. ‘Basecamp’ comes with a message board you can use to pitch ideas and send & receive progress updates as well as project feedback from your team. With this app, you will be able to create checklists & to-do-lists you can use to assign items to team members & set projects’ due dates.

The schedule manager is another convenient feature where it integrates with your calendar in order to automate setting up meetings & subscribing to events. This software offers chat, email, and phone support and comes with a mobile app for both android & iOS devices. Live chat, document management, customizable templates, collaboration tools, calendar management, and brainstorming belong to the kea features offered by this free project management tool.

Free Project Management Software: ClickUp

This is a free project management tool that integrates with 3rd-party tools easily. It brings all your projects into a single app. It assists you to organize, view & collaborate on projects with team members. This software allows you to track your projects from start to finish. With this tool, you will also be able to create customized workflows. In addition, you are allowed to add & assign comments on any document & task. You will also stay aligned with your team. Then, ClickUp features a global timer that tracks how much time gets spent on every project automatically.

For your information, this software is able to create mind maps. So, you will be able to plan your project ideas & distribute tasks into a few project phases. Creating visual outlines of assignments for your team members will also be easy using this tool. It offers chat, email, and phone support, too. One more, the mobile app is available for both android and iOS. The key features can be summarized as follow: budget management, brainstorming, billable & non-billable hours, audit trial, alerts/escalation, and agile methodologies.

Free Project Management Software: Evernote Teams

Another free software for project management is Evernote Teams. It supports calendar integration. This tool brings your team to work on projects together. It is very helpful for you to manage notes, tasks, and also schedules in one place. Its system captures your critical project info & stores it in one place. With this too, you will not only be able to create notes about ongoing projects but also send them to your team members & assign tasks via the app.

This app allows you to create workflows for your team members. It makes remote work much easier because team members will be able to work from any device, either online or offline. It features an administrative dashboard giving you access to permission controls & detailed logs. In addition, it comes with easy integration with 3rd-party apps for conducting meetings & migrating data. Evernote Teams offers email support only. It has a mobile app for android & iOS.

This free project management software is recommended so much because of some reasons. It offers impressive key features including version control, task management, project management, document management, content management, and brainstorming. Now, you should compare the software listed above before choosing which one you would like to choose and use.