Optical Character Recognition / OCR Software allows you to use document scanning of text, invoices, etc. into PDF or other digital formats to make it easier to manage paperwork. Today, you can find many OCR tools that can work accurately, seamlessly, and fast. In this article, we will list a few most recommended OCR apps to archive your paper documents as PDF files.

OCR Software

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Without a doubt, Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is the best option for OCR Software documents. It is not only easy to use but also comes with many advanced features. However, it requires you to buy monthly subscription. If you are looking for a popular brand name with all OCR features you need, it fits the bills. It also come along with impressive options.

DC is an abbreviation that stands for ‘Document Cloud’. Everything integrates with Adobe’s Cloud solution neatly. There is also seamless integration with anything else Adobe makes. Therefore, you should consider it if you already use Photoshop or other Adobe apps.

The Pro version offers all the OCR basics and the ability to add comments & feedback on documents, the option to compare 2 documents together quickly, a specialized tool to scan tables, etc. You can edit documents right on the screen in a few seconds only.

OmniPage Ultimate

This OCR Software is recommended so much for professionals. There are a few reasons to purchase it. First, it is very accurate. Besides, it offers excellent speed. Then, it features custom workflows. In addition, it comes with comprehensive features.

Even though it is pricy enough, OmniPage Ultimate has features beyond what you expect. For small businesses, it is still considered affordable. With this software, you will be able to convert paper documents from any scanner source into any type of digital file you want. Everything works really fast.

This software is well known for its accuracy in conversation. That is why it is trusted by big names in business including GE, Ford, Amazon, etc. It allows you to build up custom workflows. Therefore, your documents get delivered automatically to the right place in the right format. Overall, it still comes with more than enough features for you who need an OCR solution.

Abbyy FineReader

Another option we recommended most is Abbyy FineReader. Besides offering comprehensive suite of features, it also comes with multiple options of output. Besides that, it also has volume licenses. This is best for a small business. So, casual users may prefer a little more lightweight option.

With this software, you will be able to take paper documents from a scanner & make them readable, organized, digitized documents. This OCR Software allows you to recognize text & convert it to Ms. Office, PDF, etc. It also lets you compare documents, add comments & annotations, etc.

This OCR software handles different output formats & 192 languages without breaking a sweat. It is not the most modern. However, it is clean, functional & does the job excellently well. It belongs to the best choices in the OCR field. Before you decide to purchase it, you can take the advantage of a free trial first.