Whether you are an experienced digital artist or an amateur graphic designer, you can exponentially multiply your talent using the right tools.  A good graphic design app provides intuitive controls & flexibility a beginner can understand easily. It should also offer superior tools for an experienced one. To know which one is best for you, you should experiment with them. Below, you can see great graphic design programs.

Adobe Photoshop

It is arguably the most famous option in Graphic Design Programs when it comes to a graphic design tool. Millions of artists in the world use this software. Whether you want to create logs, webs, posters, or banners, it can do it well for you. It offers tools for every level, from small edits to advanced designs. If you work with illustrative designs, it helps you to paint or draw anything you want.

Along with picture editing, this software can be used to create natural artwork & composition. You will be able to define work in 3D, create custom brushes, isolate elements from backgrounds, define your canvas size, etc. It is available for Mac & Windows.


This is a Graphic Design Programs designed for Mac only. Mainly, it focuses on digital design. These digital designs are used to create interfaces, apps, and webs. Unlike Photoshops, it is not built for print work or photo editing. With it, you can collaborate with other designers on the platform itself to create a prototype.

It offers a smart layout feature where the component will resize automatically based on the content. There are so many plugins found in the app that allow you to do vector editing & other design works with precision down to the pixel. Through this tool, you can also create digital icons. On the downside, it is not good for illustrations or print design.

Adobe Illustrator

This graphic design programs is centered around vector design. It can be used to create posters, icons, artworks, etc. You can use the designs made in this software in billboards or business cards. With this software, you can draw, mix & refine designs to create something great. There is a mobile version named Adobe Illustrator Draw.

It lets you use the shaper tool & create vector shapes. You can add geometric shapes to other outlines. Even more, you can move, reshape, and scale them. In addition, you are allowed to manipulate the fronts according to your needs. You just need to adjust their width, slant, or weight. For beginners, it offers professionally designed templates for saving time. It comes with a helpful user interface. Whether you are a Mac or Windows user, this program will work on your device.

Affinity Designer

If you are looking for a more affordable alternative to illustrator, Affinity Designer is what you need. It is suitable for you who are in the early stage of design career. It works smoothly, that can improve your workflow. It also makes you able to express your creativity freely. As one of the most recommended graphic design programs, Affinity Designer allows you to move & zoom your artwork at 60fps, as well as see the effects, adjustments & gradients changing live along with the curve edits and transforms. It is available for 3 different platforms: Mac, iPad, and Windows.