Computer-aided Design (CAD) can be defined as the use of computer/workstation to aid in the creation, analysis, optimization, or modification of a design. If you want to create, modify, analyze, or optimize your design, you will need a CAD program. In this article, we will share a few CAD programs most recommended for you.

What Is a CAD Program?

CAD software/program is commonly used when you create industrial objects like mechanical objects. It also enables more artistic freedom because designs don’t need to mechanically work, be functional/fit to a device. CAD program can be very specific. This software is designed to be a technical tool that has functions in architecture, mechanical design, industrial design, and also areas like astronautics & aerospace engineering. A CAD model contains data like tolerance, dimensions, material properties & manufacturing process specific info. Now, CAD apps also offer advanced rendering & animation capabilities to visualize product design better.

Best CAD Software

  1. TinkerCAD

This is an online CAD programs app which is geared towards complete beginners that come from Autodesk. It comes with an intuitive block-building concept. This feature lets you develop models from basic shapes. This online software features millions of files that can be used by users to find shapes which suit them best & manipulate them as they want. Besides, it also offers a direct interaction with 3rd-party printing services. This is a simplistic program & limited for some designs but it is mostly aimed at those who have no experience whatsoever with 3D modelling.

  1. FreeCAD

It is a 100% free parametric 3D modelling program that is open-source. It allows you to design any size of real-life objects. The parametric component eases editing activities. You can go to the history of your model & change the parameters to get a different model. It is a good training tool so that FreeCAD is not best for professional purposes.

  1. BlocksCAD

This 3D program is made for educational purposes. It is a more professional CAD programs. The commands are represented by color blocks. Its code is compatible with OpenSCAD’s. Therefore, you can give your models the last touch up on there. You can export formats in STL or OpenSCAD. It also has a YouTube channel with various tutorials on 3D modeling to ensure that everyone is able to learn to use this software.

  1. Creo

Creo CAD software belongs to the market leaners in product design. It is developed by Parametric Technology Corp. over 30 years ago. This software integrates various functionalities like direct modeling, freestyle surface generation, parametric, motion, structural, and thermal. This is a complete software that is excellent for additive manufacturing. It lets you perform your dimensioning calculations while modelling your final idea. Creo 5.0, the latest version, was released in 2018. It features an improved user interface and is redesigned for a better handling. You can use it for free as it offers a 30-day trial version. This is suitable for intermediate level. if you consider a license, it costs 2,310 dollars. Now, you can decide the best one CAD programs for your needs.