PDF is one of the most popular formats of files. You should thank to its small size and support for video & text. It is also good for preserving a document’s quality & formatting. Maybe, Adobe Acrobat is the most popular tool for editing PDF. With a PDF editor, you will be able to edit document texts, add images, fill out forms, and convert PDFs to other formats. You will need the best PDF editor if you regularly work with this file format.

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Adobe introduced the PDF format about 30 years ago. Acrobat Pro DC is the current industry standard used to edit PDFs. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is a PDF editor combining the hallmarks of other programs into a unified piece of software. It belongs to a premium program for Windows & MacOS. It boasts dedicated mobile functionality & the ability to convert different formats of files to PDF, including PPT, Excel Spreadsheets, Word documents, and HTML. Even more, it is able to scan/image files like JPEG or PNG.

There are many editing options offered by this software including splitting PDF files into separate files, page removals, page cropping, annotations, page rotation, and reordering pages.

Microsoft Word

Using Microsoft Office means you have the access to a versatile PDF document editor. Recent versions let you open a PDF file and make specific edits to the piece as a Word document. After finished, just save it as a PDF. Of course, it is very useful as many people are most comfortable editing documents in the Ms. Word format.

Microsoft Word is a simple program. Formatting does not always line up rightly based on the PDF. However, it is a perfect alternative if you want to dip into a PDF quickly for a bit of basic editing/text changes. In addition, Ms. Word is a straightforward editing program for students & employees who are familiar with Word & do not want to learn a new program.

PDF Architect 8

This PDF editor can be downloaded for free. There are also 3 separate packages including Standard, Professional & Pro+OCR. The Standard package includes the Page, Convert, and Edit modules. The Professional package comes with all the modules from the Standard + the Forms, Secure, and Review/Comment modules. The Pro+OCR package offers everything from the Professional + OCR Advanced module. In addition, the Pro+OCR package has a reasonable price.

PDF Architect 8 is the latest version. It offers premium subscriptions that include password protection of your PDF files, support for annotations/comments, the ability to convert PDF files into other formats of file, and editing text. The free version allows you to convert PowerPoint, Excel, or Word documents into PDF files, rotate PDF files, or merge PDF files & delete pages.

Free editing software is best for you who do not need to edit PDF files that often or do not need to access to various editing options. On the other side, premium editing software is more worth it for you who edit PDF files regularly & need to do extensive & detailed editing. Now, you can choose the best PDF editor based on your needs.