Newly Released 5G Phones

Here Gadget now brings for you 3 Best Newly Launched 5G mobile of 2021. While 5G connection isn’t yet readily available everywhere, the prediction is that everyone will get the speedy connection in around two years. Still, if you live in certain areas, you will still be able to enjoy the best experience on your smartphones using a 5G connection. But, you will need a device that has the capability of using the fast data transfer feature of 5G.

From budget phones to expensive flagships, there are now many options that you can get for your 5G phone. And if you are looking for a newly launched 5g mobile, we will try to help you find the best phone to get the best coverage and speed of the new generation of cellular technology.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Different people will have different qualities to define the best smartphone for their needs. But, we can objectively say that Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is one of the best smartphones that you can get today. This is because the phone has complete features for everyone, including a sharp display with a 120Hz refresh rate, speedy processor, amazing sensory quality for the camera, and a full-day battery.

You will also be mesmerized by the quality of the cameras. It will offer various camera sensors, including for ultrawide and wide photography modes. You will also get two cameras with optical zoom capability. This means that you will not lose out on the quality of the picture even if you zoom all the way in.

Samsung Galaxy A51 5G

If you don’t want to shell out a lot of money for a new phone, the Samsung Galaxy A51 5G might be the best choice for you to enjoy the fast 5G connection. Even at an affordable price, the phone will still offer an amazing battery life along with complete features and solid performance. The best feature might be the gorgeous sharp screen as well as the latest Exynos 980 chipset from Samsung.

One minor disadvantage of the Samsung Galaxy A51 5G is the quality of the camera setup. Some reviewers said that the photo results are not as good as the ones taken on higher Samsung phones. But, considering the price, this smartphone is still a reliable phone that you can count on to achieve your daily activities.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra

Xiaomi has also released their flagship that will compete directly with other flagships from other manufacturers. Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra offers a breathtaking camera setup that promises the users of 120x zoom capability.

Aside from the camera, Xiaomi also offers this phone the latest and the best processor with 5G capability, which is Snapdragon 888. But the most amazing thing is the availability of fast charging feature, which will allow users to charge their phone to full capacity in only 36 minutes. The specifications also note that users will enjoy up to 2 days of usage from their phone in one charge.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra is no doubt will be one of the best choices for customers who love the Xiaomi brand. Also, it is another proof that Xiaomi has the courage to face bigger competitors like Samsung or Apple.